Mothers Day and a Week Away

A bit of a late post I know, but I didn't want Mothers Day to come and go and for me to not mark the occasion at all here on my blog. If I'm totally honest, Mothers Day was a bit of a blur this year. Adam worked all day and though Ethan and I had a lovely morning together and a nice lunch date out with my own Mum and my side of the family, he was quite tough during the afternoon and evening. On top of this, he decided that he didn't want or need to nap the entire weekend which sort of left me in a bit of a pickle for packing for our holiday to Wales (where I'm writing from now). 

My sweet cards and gifts from Ethan and the bump <3 

Adam and Ethan doing early morning chores on Mothers Day morning - bless them. ;)

I was genuinely worried that we actually wouldn't make the holiday but as drained as we both felt for different reasons, Adam and I stayed up until around 1 am getting everything prepared and packed and we got there in the end. The joys of parenthood sometimes, hey?..

And so we'll be spending the week (or up until Friday morning) here in Wales. We're visiting Bluestone national park for the purpose of a review and Ethan's already been so much easier. He loves nothing better than being outside and being on-the-go and I think places like Bluestone were absolutely made for him, along with probably most other toddlers. 

A bit blurry, but a photo of my brother and sister and Ethan and I with my Mum yesterday after our Mothers Day lunch. My other brother was working so is missing from the picture.

I hope that all of you lovely fellow Mummy's that read my blog had a wonderful Mothers Day yourselves and got to spend lots of quality time with your families with your feet up. :) How did you spend Mothers Day?



  1. Awwww. Glad you made your holiday. My baby girl got Christened yesterday so I spent my Mothers Day celebrating her special day with our closest family and friends. It was lovely!


  2. Enjoy the time away!!
    I always say my 2 year old littlest needs to be exercised daily just like our dog does haha

  3. Have a great time at Bluestone, we're going in May and cannot wait! x

  4. Have a lovely relaxing break at Bluestone, wish we were back there! X

  5. Happy belated Mothers Day Alex and I hope you have a lovely and restful week away. x