JUST EAT | Experience and Review

We, like most people, love a good takeaway every now and again. Especially on those not-so-smooth days where it just seems to be one thing after another and the last thing you want to do when the little one/s are in bed is cook! 

We live in a very small, very quiet little village and as far as we thought we thought we knew there weren't many places to order food that delivered around here. But then we were recently invited to try out just-eat.co.uk which allows you to find and then order food from local takeaways - some of which you're bound to have never heard of, like us! 

I couldn't believe just how many takeaways came up that actually said that they would deliver to us when we tapped our postcode in to JUST EAT's homepage. It was great to be able to see the menus for each also, as being veggies we like to make sure that wherever we order from has food that is labelled as vegetarian. We really fancied chinese and so we were pleased to find that we had such a wide selection of chinese takeaways come up that would deliver to us and that had vegetarian options.. we even managed to find a local chinese takeaway that offered veggie 'meat' which was a complete result! 

We'd never have found the takeaway we did without using JUST EAT and I think that's part of the beauty of it! The other great part is just how easy the process is.. it does require a sign up, but it's fast and once you're signed up -  that's it.. it will even remember your previous orders which makes ordering the next time around super fast! But as this was our first go, we did a quick sign up, quickly added the food we wanted to the basket and went straight to the checkout and that is literally it - after that it's just waiting for that all important knock at the door with the yummy food delivery! 

If you've never ordered from JUST EAT, but fancy giving it a go.. it really is so easy! The process of ordering is as simple as it gets - you type your postcode in to the hompage and then if you'd like to you can choose to search under categories i.e. chinese, thai, indian etc or if you're not bothered about specifying a category you can just leave it on the default option of 'show everything' and then click 'find a takeaway'. It will bring up all the local takeaways registered with JUST EAT local to you, you'll be able to see their ratings, where they are, whether they offer delivery and how much it is if there's a charge - all of the important information. It will then give you the option to view their menu and you add your food choices from there. Once you're happy that you've got what you want, it's a simple process of checking out and then waiting for your food. It's a great, easy service that will allow you to find local places to order food from that you might not have known about before!

When you next log back in you can even leave a 30 second review of the restaurant that you used, this helps others to get an idea of what to expect from that particular takeaway. On the back of this your review will get used for the JUST EAT Tried and Tasted awards which focuses on quality and consistency. JUST EAT stipulate that winning restaurants must have more than 100 online reviews with an average rating of 4.5 or above.

This year, JUST EAT has introduced the new Consistency Award which recognises the Nation’s Top 20 from those establishments that have achieved Tried & Tasted for four years in a row. 

You can try the JUST EAT service out for yourself here or if you'd like to - you can find more information about the Tried and Tasted Awards here... http://www.just-eat.co.uk/blog/most-popular-takeaway-towns-revealed/



  1. I love using Just Eat, its just a shame no chinese takeaways in our area use it! So I have to opt for indian or kebab house when I use it x

  2. Ive never used Just Eat, I use an opponent which works on a similar basis x