The Ordinary Moments [W/ending 22nd Feb 2015]

It's been a week of ups and downs this week. I've felt more drained energy wise from being pregnant and combining my lack of energy with an active toddler who constantly wants to be entertained has left me feeling at times a little more emotional. But on the whole we've had another lovely week. Here's a look back at some of our weeks ordinary moments.. 

I love this photo, we got his bubble train out and Ethan got very excited - as you can see! 

This makes me laugh, he's so funny. He was trying to lick the bubbles, strange child..! 

Being cheeky and using Mummy's toothbrush!

He just gets cheekier and cheekier.

Daddy doing Ethan's teeth (with his own toothbrush this time!).

Ethan playing in his room on his police motorbike.

We visited one of our favourite cafes this week which is located in a little village next to where we live. It's so pretty and the food there is amazing. 

Ethan with his 'big boy' drink.

My lovely Husband and some toy cars! ;)

And me!

I took Ethan to the park on Saturday, it had looked like it was warmer outside, but it was actually freezing.

Ethan's lost a glove, so he only had one on bless him!

It was pancake day this week, so we had pancakes for lunch on Tuesday!

I actually really enjoyed my pancake this year, where as in previously years I hadn't really been a fan. 

One last picture from the park on Saturday, he's so confident now and loves to run about and explore.  

Hope you've all had a good week?



  1. You've had so many lovely little moments last week, lots of happy memories :) Love the picture where he is trying to lick the bubbles, so funny! I am sure they'd taste a bit funky! #theordinarymoments

  2. Such bright and light photos Alex- Ethan is just such a photogenic little dude. Sorry you have been feeling a bit emotional, this pregnancy malarky is hard enough without an energetic toddler running around the place- I had many weeks like this too. That little cafe looks gorgeous too. x

  3. Awww lovely photos!! That little cafe looks so cute!

  4. Lovely photos, he seems to be so full of character at the moment! I found it so hard when I was pregnant with a toddler to look after, so so tiring. I hope you start to get some energy back soon #theordinarymoments xx

  5. What a wonderful week. Ethan looks so happy in the bubbles photos and every time I have a new glimpse of your home it looks more beautiful x

  6. I love the bubble pictures. He looks so excited!


  7. Gorgeous pictures, Alex, that top one of Ethan really is lovely! Bet you can't wait to have your second little chap now (I meant to comment on your gender reveal to congratulate you but have been woefully behind with blog catching up!). Glad you've had a great week- pancakes rule!

  8. Aw what gorgeously spring like photos- they always look so fresh and airy! Looks like you've had a nice week together but I can imagine just how tiring it must be to be pregnant and look after a toddler. I used to get extreme fatigue when I was pregnant with freddie- I imagine I'd feel 100 times more tired if I'd had a toddler to entertain too! Hope you get lots of rest and some nice cups of tea xx

  9. Such gorgeous photos. Your pancakes look amazing!