The Ordinary Moments [W/ending 1st Feb 2015]

This week started with a hectic Monday at work. It was one of the busiest days I've seen in a while and I was shattered when I got home! It's safe to say I don't have any photos of that day!

On Tuesday we did lots and lots. First playgroup, then off we went for our daily trip to the post office and then into town for hot chocolates, cake and then haircuts for Ethan and Adam..

Ethan loved his gingerbread man from Cafe Nero!

 Daddy and Ethan ordering the cakes and the hot chocolates!

Ethan after his haircut. He screamed during the whole process but stopped the very minute his hair was done (always the way!). Rice cakes always make everything better! ;)

Nice - mouth full of rice cakes..! (Whilst watching his Daddy have his hair cut).

Tuesday also saw us go out for a birthday meal for my Mum's birthday (right). Ethan is much more friendlier towards men than he is women (apart from me!) and he initially didn't want to sit next to his Nana (as you can tell by his face). But by the end of the evening he was sharing ice cream with her - haha, he sure knows how to make a lady feel special..! ;) 

All of us (except Adam who took the photo) out for my Mums birthday meal. 
We saw a sprinkle of snow from inside our warm house on Thursday afternoon after we'd been swimming! 

This was Saturday - Ethan sat at the table, doing colouring and then painting (below) whilst I cleaned up the kitchen. 

Ethan enjoying a spot of water-painting. ;)

For dinner on Saturday I attempted my first ever homemade pizzas and they actually came out okay! :) Adam was working until late, but we saved him some and he said it was better than Dominos.. Not quite sure about that but yeah! ;)

Today we've pretty much just chilled out, we've messed around lots and I've attempted to tidy the house some more before I go back to work again for the day tomorrow. Ethan's napping right now whilst I write this, but before his nap I decided to update my blog profile photo and so we needed to get some up to date photos. These are just two of the many outtakes before we managed to get 'the one'. ;)

Ah - the realities of taking photographs with children, eh? ;)

With the help of a few teddy bears 'pretending' to take the photo - we managed to get our new profile photo! (Yay! -- until next time!)


  1. Ethan is absolutely gorgeous Alex! He looks so happy
    Bea x
    As Seen By Bea

  2. Looks like a great week and that pizza looks amazing! x

  3. Looks like a lovely week! If I remember rightly you're pretty local to me (just outside MK) - if you're looking for somewhere amazing to get E's hair cut then you should try Shortcuts in Milton Keynes. We don't go there because our friend cuts the girls hair but lots of our friends' kids go there and say it's brilliant! xx

  4. Aw he's so cute! And you have great taste in table cloths I have the exact same one 😉x

  5. A gorgeous photo at the bottom of you two- his little haircut is so cute! And that pizza looks AMAZING. You did such a good job! xx

  6. I always think hair cuts make them look so much more grown up! We get the water painting out when I can't cope with the idea of full on painting - it is great fun. My hubs also says he prefers homemade pizza...I'm sceptical too. But maybe they're right! Yours looks yummy! x

  7. Lovely photos and such lovely moments, I love hearing about your week x

  8. That pizza looks delicious!! And I`m jealous of your snow :( We've had two sprinklings but all late at night so Tyne hasnt seen it!

    Tyne is exactly the same with preferring men, hes all about Grandad! lol x

  9. Aww such gorgeous photos! Your pizza does look really, really good!