3 Simple Money Saving Tips For Carrying Out DIY Home Improvements

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So you want to revamp a tired looking room or even several rooms in your home, but you're on a tight budget and you don't know where to start? Obviously there is always the option of a bank or credit union loan, but a loan for home improvements may or may not be suitable for everyone and if this sounds like it could be you, then read on for three simple tips to keep in mind when it comes to carrying out your own DIY home improvements. 

1. One of the easiest ways to revamp a room and breathe new life into it is by adding a splash of paint to it. Using a neutral colour or even white is a great option as it's guaranteed to never go out of fashion and you can use the same colour in different rooms in the house. If you have your heart set on something a little brighter but the cost of the paint is putting you off, how about just painting one wall in the room as an accent? We did this in our bedroom at our previous house and it worked really well and was super cheap!

2. Upcycling old furniture can save you so much money and the finished result could transform your room! Rather than instantly looking to purchase brand new furniture to bring your room more up to date, why not consider fixing it up and re-painting it. I've seen some amazing furniture transformations online where people have upcycled their old things and the results look like they've gone out and brought brand new. Check out sites like Pinterest for upcycling inspiration. 

3. Try steam cleaning dirty sofas and carpets before being quick to get rid of them and replacing them with new. It's amazing what a good steam cleaner can do and you might find that actually you don't need to splash out on brand new carpets or sofas, which these day can be very expensive!

I hope these tips help in some way and I wish you lots of luck with your upcoming home improvements project :)

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by PSECU, a Pennsylvania-based credit union.


  1. great tips! we are looking to revamp our hall and looking to just put a lick of paint on the walls!
    Suz xo

  2. A steam cleaner is an absolute god send, love ours! x

  3. Throwing some color is definitely a proven way to give any home a nice makeover. That applies to both the exterior and interior.

  4. New paint can definitely add improvement to your home, even if it is just on one accent wall! Thanks for sharing.