8 Half Term Ideas for the Kids

The first half term of the year is an exciting time. That first school term seemed to last for years, the weather is getting slightly less chilly, but it’s only week long. You will want to pack as much into the nine days as possible. Here are a few ideas for you to think about and maybe put into practice. 

Try a National Game a Day
Get multi-cultural in your home this week by trying a game from a different nation every day. This will be fun, fuel the kids’ imaginations and teach them about different cultures. This American website has some great examples of games from around the world.

Visit a Museum
You may have been to your local museum or art gallery last year or even more recently but there is always more to see and do. Most institutions run activity programmes for children during the school holidays so there is likely to be something new to enjoy every day. Here is a great list of the UK’s free museums.

Live a Week as a…
A great way to learn about a different culture or historical epoch is to live like they do/did. Cook traditional dishes, enjoy games and teach lessons about the Victorians, the Ancient Greeks or another nation. Get the whole family involved and have fun as you learn. Include a film or story from that place you are representing.

Embark on an Art Project
Visit a website like Artifolk and stock up on art supplies for the week ahead. There are plenty of places to visit online to get art project inspiration or you could look to Easter and prepare some decorations for April.

Take a Trip to the Relatives
Has it been a while since you visited those relatives who live at the other end of the motorway? Use your family’s week off to pay them a visit and have a well-earned holiday and a much-needed catch-up.

Treasure Hunt
Get practice in before Easter, and plan a treasure hunt either in the garden or in a park nearby. You can hide toys, goodies or clues to the next hidden thing. It takes some organising but is a lot of outdoor fun. Just hope that the sun stays out!

Story Book Group
You could join up with other parents and children and form a book club. Celebrate some classic children’s stories as well as some modern ones by reading them each morning. This is a wonderful way to bond and develop a love of literature.

Don’t forget this may be your only break from work for a while as well as your kids’ from school, get in the naps and relaxing afternoons where you can.



  1. Great ideas! :) I keep meaning to take Tyne to the museum x

  2. I love doing not a lot during school holidays but we always plan at least one day out a week and lots of fun things to do at home x

  3. What fab ideas to get out with the kiddos. I love this and love Ethan posing for the creations too. Hahaha he is adorable.

  4. Great ideas, I keep meaning to take Jack to one of Manchester'sfabmuseums x