Tips To Find The Perfect Bed For Your Child

 There are many different factors to consider when choosing a new bed for your child. Whether your little one is moving from a cot to a big bed for the first time, or an older child is in need of a bed upgrade, it's crucial to pick a bed that they will like, is safe and comfortable. Here are some tips on finding the perfect bed for your child.

A bed low to the ground

If this is your Child’s first bed, it’s often common for parents to opt for one which is low to the ground.  The advantage of this style of bed is that your child can easily get in and out. This can give your little one a sense of comfort, should they need to get up and let you know during the night that they can't sleep or feel poorly, for example. Importantly, should your youngster tumble out of a bed that is low to the ground, the floor is not that far away! 

Choose a bed your child likes

It may seem obvious, but if your child likes their bed, they'll probably sleep better in it, and there will be less reluctance when bedtime looms. Let your little one have a say in the decision making when buying a new bed - within reason, of course! There are lots of styles of beds available for children, but if you have a budget to stick to, choose one that will last until they next need an upgrade, rather than one that will go out of fashion quickly. Opt for a bed that blends in well with the rest of the colours, designs or furniture in their room. 

Beds for older children

If you're looking to upgrade an older child's bed, then consider getting bunk beds. There are lots of types of bunk beds, but they make the perfect solution for children who share a room. If you're looking to save space in a child's bedroom then a top bunk bed style of bed with area underneath for a desk, shelving or drawers is a great space-saving solution, and your child will really love having their own zone underneath. Don't worry if the bunk bed seems a big for your child at first - they will soon grow into it.

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  1. Some great tips. I really need to do this soon, Libby should be in a bed by now but she loves her cot so much I don't think she's even ready to take the sides off and make it a bed.xx

  2. Great advice! A lot of our customers ask us about the different types of cots available. Always good to pass on helpful tips so thanks.