Our Advent Calendars 2014

Even though it's sort of ridiculously hard to believe that it is the 1st of December already, I am ultra, super, completely, stupidly, excited about Christmas! I'm trying hard to be prepared, though my Husband and I seem to have got beyond busy this last month and so it's sort of been hard to keep up. 

I'm not one to like missing out on any Christmas related things, so we've been spending our dedicated weekly 'day off' going into town and wandering around the shops looking at all of the many decorations and presents on display. I've also been loving all of the christmas music that's been playing and may have sat and watched almost all of the christmas songs ever made on the music channels during November! (It really did have to be done!).

I think what makes Christmas that much more exciting these days is having a family. Being a parent at Christmas with a young child is so magical, it's kind of hard to explain how lovely it feels. And this year Ethan will be just over 20 months and he now understands Christmas quite a bit more than he did last year. And I know that next year and the year after that and so fourth it will become even more exciting as he starts to fully understand the concept. 

So yes, I'm feeling festive and I'm feeling great about that. I have a feeling that this Christmas is going be really really magical. :)

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