Frankie and Benny's Review Milton Keynes

Last week we were lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to attend our local Frankie and Bennys restaurant in Milton Keynes, Xscape, to try the new christmas menu out. 

Being great lovers of our food (all three of us!) we were more than happy to accept their lovely offer. The restaurant in Milton Keynes is one we'd never visited before and on arrival it was nice to be greeted by friendly staff. Here's how we got on and, of course, what we ate.. 

Ethan and I before we ate. We love going out as a family for a meal every so often. It's nice to have a break from the chores of cooking and then the big clean up afterwards. Plus, you get to try amazing new food! 

Adam and Ethan enjoying their drinks. There are many drinks to choose from, including alcohol-free cocktails. This is brilliant to see as a blogger in the parenting community, as a percentage of the people reading my blog are Mums-to-be and so I'm sure that knowing where they can find a good alcohol-free cocktail will be welcomed knowledge to them. It's also handy to know for those that find themselves as designated drivers! ;) 

This was Adams starter, he opted for the Caprese salad and said it was really lovely. 

I went for the Bruschetta. It was absolutely gorgeous and I loved the balsamic glaze on it. (Oh man, writing this is making me so very hungry!).

A look inside the restaurant. I love the layout and the booths, it's very American-esque and makes eating out nice and private!

This was Ethans main meal. We opted for a tomato pasta for him as it's his favourite. He seemed to really enjoy it and of course tucking in to a little dessert of banana and custard afterwards. The kids meal are such good value at £4.25 for a main meal, soft drink and a dessert! And this can come with an optional side of vegetables, side salad or Heinz baked beans free of charge (you just simply ask your waiter). They even sell organic baby food by Ellas Kitchen too.

My main. (Sorry I couldn't help but tuck in before I snapped a photograph of it - whoops!) ;) I went for the Veggie Feast Calzone and it was just so so lovely. I highly recommend it if you go to Frankie and Benny's anytime soon and fancy the veggie option! 

Adam chose the Gnocchi Tricolore from the specials menu, it looked absolutely divine and he said it tasted it too! Everything we ate including a side of fries was honestly just really lovely and we would certainly eat there again. The staff are all really friendly and the restaurant is large, clean and modern and situated in the centre of the city of Milton Keynes (just a walk away from the main shopping centre). I really do recommend a visit to your local if you're looking for a great family place to eat out.

Take a look at Frankie and Benny's website to find your nearest restaurant location and to view all of their tasty menus including their Christmas menu

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  1. Yum!!! That bruschetta looks delicious!! I've never tried Calzone coz theyre always too meaty for me, the veggie option sounds ideal! x

    1. It was so delicious! Really, really enjoyed it. x