Christmas Gift Ideas for the Person Who Has Everything

Every birthday and Christmas it’s the same struggle, what do you buy for friends and family who seem to already have it all? They wear all the latest trends, have the latest technology and their homes are full to the brim with accessories. You need to think outside the box and give them something unexpected and thoughtful rather than adding another pair of socks to their endless collection. Here are a few ideas to help you out:

A home could always be brightened up with a luxurious bouquet of flowers, think of their favourite flowers and colours and simply order a gorgeous bouquet from the likes of Flowers Same Day, you could get them to come in a gorgeous vase and attach a thoughtful note.

Your Time
In a busy world where everyone is rushing from one place to another, one of the most heart-warming things you can is offer someone your time. Whether it's taking them out for a coffee,  dinner, cooking a homemade meal for them or taking them on a day trip, it shows that you have put a lot of thought into the gift  and it displays how much you love them, as you are changing your routine to make them happy.

A New Experience
Life is all about trying new things, gaining new experiences, and learning new skills. Why not treat them to a calligraphy class, a cooking class or even go crazy and treat them to hang-gliding. These gifts are perfect for the person who has everything as you are helping them to make great memories without taking any room up on their shelves. Think about things they haven’t done before and try to connect it to their interests and hobbies. 

Something personal
Why not get them something personal that they can keep which will remind them of how lucky they are? You could get them a journal that is full of memories that you have together and reasons why you love or appreciate them. You could get all their family and friends to write sweet notes in there and fill it with photographs. Other personalised gifts could include a personalised calendar filled with all their favourite pictures. 

D.I.Y gift
Gifts that you have made yourself are a great idea for the person who has everything as they add a personal and unique touch to your gift. You can find lots of D.I.Y gifts on the internet, why not create a hot chocolate kit, bath bomb or try making make some delicious cakes or biscuits! There are lots of other great D.I.Y gift ideas here. 

 If you are constantly teasing your friend about having everything. Why not go for a ‘jokey’ gift and buy them nothing. The gift contains a ball that contains absolutely nothing except for air! It will create lots of giggles and at least it saves your friend or family member filling their home with more accessories that they don’t really have room for. 

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