Baby & Child Foot Health

There's not a lot cuter than baby feet right?! We all love cooing over just how cute their tiny toes are and how soft their feet feel, but how much do we know about good baby and child foot development? Do we know what to look out for? Are we familiar with some of the things that are recommended for us to try and avoid using with our children when it comes to their foot growth? Today I'm sharing this interesting and insightful infographic from shoefitters-uk.org to raise awareness of good foot health for babies and our children. Oh and just quickly whilst we are on the subject of feet.. how cute are these dinosaur wellies from Charles Clinkard? I'm thinking of getting them for Ethan for his second birthday in April as he is obsessed with dinosaurs at the moment, thanks to a certain little Master George Pig! ;) 



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  1. Great information. I wish my son would just let me investigate his feet. He is so sensitive about his feet. I need to schedule a specific time when to cut his nails. Been trying the whole week but not a hope.So the weekend when he is having a nap in the car is the best way to go. Don't want him getting ingrown toenails. Sounds horrible. He needs to be measured for new shoes as well. Should have been done before Xmas because I think he is size 7 now and not 6.