Update: Being back at Work as a Mum

I've been back at work now since June of this year, working two days a week - Monday and Friday. Going back to work was, in the beginning, a lot easier than I thought it would be, I'd read that the beginning of returning to work was always the hardest so I braced myself and was pleasantly surprised that it really wasn't so bad. 

I think a lot of how easy I found it to return to work was because I only had to return to work working two days (a Monday and Friday). It helps a lot that these days are split up and not together. It means that when I am sitting at work really missing Ethan, I just remind myself that I'll be off with him again tomorrow and that kind of makes everything feel so much better.

returning to work after maternity

It also helps that I managed to take a job in a much nicer, somewhat quieter location, which is much more suited to me. I like to take my time with my work and I hated feeling rushed where I worked previously.

There are lots of benefits to being back at work, and one of the ones I remind myself of the most is that it gives Ethan the opportunity to experience life without having me there at all times. It teaches him that it's okay to be around other people, it gives him self-confidence and it allows him to grow and develop in so many ways, but mostly in a social aspect. I love that he spends time with his Dad on a Monday, as I feel it is so important that they get an opportunity to bond when it's just them. I also love that Ethan gets to spend some time with his Grandparents and his Auntie, he's developed a special bond with them and though his routine may not be the exact same as it is at home, he is able to learn to adapt to new routines and new environments because of this. I struggled to do that as a child and I still struggle now.

I am a clingy person and as a child I was shy, unconfident and unsure. I think as parents all we can do is look at some of the things that we'd perhaps like to change about ourselves and try and not let our children go the same way. That's why each week I take Ethan to playgroup, to swimming and on a Thursday evening to his Grandmas, even though sometimes I find it emotionally difficult because of how shy and clingy I can be.

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So being back at work.... yeah -  it's not been anywhere near as hard as I thought it would be.. I know that I've been lucky that Ethan has family to take care of him and I've been very lucky that my employer has been able to offer me a good job. But really it's about having a good state of mind and a positive outlook, after all there really are lots of good benefits to returning to work as a Mum. And it really isn't so bad. :)

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  1. Ah I totally agree it's not as bad as you think x glad it's been ok for you

  2. Interesting post Alex, seems to have worked out perfectly for all 😀👍
    Kads Life x

  3. Glad it worked out so well for you x

  4. Glad that it's gone ok for you, I've got ages yet before I return but it's on my mind every day and I'm dreading it :/

  5. Glad that it's gone ok for you. I've got ages yet before I go back but it's on my mind every day and I'm dreading it :/

  6. Am glad it is working out for you lovely x

  7. Glad it's all working out for you :) I remember you were nervous before you went back but you've made lots of good points as to why you went back! I'm glad I don't have to make that decision and I can stay at home with Abbie but if I ever HAD to go back, i'd read this post again and i'm sure it'd make me feel lots better! x