Creating a Home Spa Feel in Your Bathroom

We’d all love a trip to the spa, but with one thing or another getting in the way – from money to work to the little ones – it’s not always possible. However, there are ways in which you can recreate the amazing feeling you get when you visit a spa in your very own home.

I’ve compiled a list of tips for creating a home spa feel in your bathroom to turn this room into your home into a luxurious, relaxing haven. 

Give your bathroom a facelift 
Whether it’s certain aspects of your bathroom that could use an update, or if it generally needs a bit of TLC, the best way to make the room feel like a serene, relaxing haven is to give it an upgrade. For something that'll really bring your bathroom to life and give it that feeling of luxury - why not consider upgrading your bathroom mirror or cabinet to one from the contemporary range of illuminated mirrors by Pebble Grey. Giving your bathroom a deep clean from top to bottom is a good way to make everything feel new too, and is also a great way to help you relax and unwind in it at the end of a long day! 

Splash out on luxurious products
Be frivolous with your choices of bathroom products to give yourself a real sense of luxury that you usually on feel from a spa visit! Labels like Molton Brown are great and they make a great gift for a loved one or someone you’re trying to impress this Christmas, too. If your budget doesn’t quite stretch to those prices, you could always go for the more thrifty option of buying cheaper products but putting them in pretty display bottles, just like they would in a real spa! 

Delight the senses with beautiful scents
Don’t forget the element of scent when it comes to turning your home bathroom into a luxurious spa. Invest in a couple of candles in your favourite flavour to help you relax and to set a calming atmosphere. My favourite options are Yankee Candles

Upgrade your towels and bath mats
Regardless of how much effort you’ve put into the rest of the room and products, nothing will bring you back down to reality like stepping onto an old and tired bath mat, and wrapping a flat, rough towel around you. Upgrading your towels and bath mats are ideal for providing you with a little added luxury every time you step out of the bath or shower, which is great for keeping that feeling of being in a spa going long after you’ve stepped out the bath! 

Invest in a jet spa 
Jet spas are great for making you feel like you’re in spa, and they require minimal effort on your part which is even better! Babyliss do a range of jet spa products that are worth checking out, and you can get cheaper versions of them on sites like eBay and Amazon too which is also worth looking into to help save you some pennies. 


  1. So cosy, especially now that it's cold and dark outside!

  2. This all sounds great, I'd like to try some different bath salts...candles are standard procedure all the time. Supermarkets sometimes do some nice bits too...I have always loved deep soft bath mats....thanks for the spa inspiration xxx