Reclaiming my living room!

Oh I do love writing a home decor post! (As I'm sure you all know by now!)

Home decor is one of my favourite topics, so when Kaleidoscope asked me if I'd like to take part in their 'Reclaim your Room' campaign I was very pleased to swiftly accept their lovely offer. 

They asked me to pick a couple of items from their AW14 homeware range that would help me to reclaim a room in my house. Now, this wasn't the easiest challenge I've ever accepted (though it does sound it doesn't it?).. you see,  reclaiming a room isn't that easy when you've got a 17 month old toddler who loves to poke his little nose into everything, then spend the remainder of his time chucking my once rather neatly organised room all about.. yeah it's not that easy to reclaim that space back after a toddler claims it and I'm sure other Mums and Dads can all nod their heads and appreciate that too!

So yes, not an easy challenge. But I do love myself a challenge, especially so when it involves home decor!

So what did I choose that would make me feel that somehow I was able to reclaim a little bit of my once lovely, neat, organised living room? ...  Here's what I went with..

The first item I chose was this seashore candle holder.. 

There's just something about the distressed driftwood effect that really captured my attention. To me, it looks like it belongs in a castle and I love that about it. Also I love the neutral colour being that I am a BIG neutral fan! I think that it fits in so well with my living room decor. And I've placed it right in the centre of the shelf above our wood burner because an unusual piece like this one deserves centre of attention! And how does it help to reclaim my room? Well, who doesn't love to burn candles when the kids are in bed after a long, perhaps stressful day to help them to relax? I certainly do! For info this is priced at £30 and available at kaleidoscope.co.uk

The second item that I chose was this really awesome sunningdale storage footstool in neutral (obviously) ;) ..

Excuse the cat - he wanted to test it for comfiness and it looks like he certainly approved. If cats wrote reviews, firstly Charlie Beans would be an awesome blogger and secondly he would give my his new footstool a big thumbs up! But he doesn't give reviews, sadly. So it's back to me and my thoughts on our new footstool.. And it gets a big thumbs up from me too!

I love the colour, the material, the design, everything! It's so much better than any photo can do it justice for. And what is brilliant is that it looks four times more expensive than it is! (I've zoomed in to it a little in bellows picture, so you can hopefully see what I mean!). 

So how does this little beauty help me to reclaim my room?.. Well, another one of my many (four) cats has decided that she will gladly show you.. they are loving getting it on the blog photos lately, aren't they?! ;) 

So as you can see (below), we use the inside of the footstool as an additional toy storage box. Which means that when it gets to evening and E has gone to bed - the toys get placed inside and the lid goes on, resulting in my living room looking somewhat 'adult' for a few hours. 

So there we have it. A new candle holder for relaxation and a new footstool for hidden toy storage, and that is how I have gone about reclaiming my room. Thank you to Kaleidoscope for this lovely opportunity and if you are interested in what other things they sell or either of these two items, take a look at their amazing home and lifestyle section over on their site. 

Kaleidoscope are also running a supporting competition over on their Pinterest feed. The're asking the entrants to create their own 'room' board on Pinterest for the chance to win £250 to spend at Kaleidoscope. Read more and enter that HERE.

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  1. Ohhh I love what you chose! I love decor too and hadn't heard of the brand before!