Our Autumn Nature Walk

As a family we are happiest when we are outdoors discovering new places. And it's Autumn that is probably our favourite season to get outdoors and take a walk. There's lots to look at with all of the leaves laying scattered over the floor, there are conkers to collect and a general feel of a prettiness to nature as the leaves change different colour.

We've been out collecting leaves, conkers, twigs and dead plants for our Autumn and Halloween themed fireplace display, which I will tell you more about soon as it's not quite finished yet. But I did take a few pictures of our walk (and obligatory stop and play in the park) which have a lovely Autumn feel to them.. 



Have you been on many autumn nature walks yet with your family?

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  1. Awesome photos, can't wait to read about your bonfire! We have been on lots of Autumn walks and I love it :D I think this is my favourite time as the spring and summer can get too hot at times for the little ones but autumn they can just keep going with a hat and coat :D

  2. Lovely photos :)
    I love taking my little boy out on autumn walks, at 3 he's at the age of asking questions, "Why is the leaf on the floor? Why is it orange? Why is it cold?" - you get the idea!

    Tess x

  3. I love taking Darcie on walks, especially in the Autumn! xxx

  4. Aw lovely photos! Sienna and I need to do more walking :)


  5. Looks like you had a lovely time. I feel all inspired to go out for an Autumn walk with my boys this weekend! Can't wait to see the halloween display
    Amelia x

  6. Ethan looks like he's having the time of his life! Bless his cotton socks :)

    Stacey's off school for inset day on Friday so we're hoping to go on a walk and collect some leaves and stuff.

    Hope you're ok Alex? I haven't spoken to you in ages :(

    Louise x

  7. Beautiful photos of your little family as always Alex. Ethan is always so smiley. I just published a post on my blog today of my girls, we also went on a Autumn walk yesterday! x

  8. Looks like you had a lovely time :) x

  9. Ethan is such a dote, so adorable! Looks like he really enjoyed your autumn nature walk and the swing! :) I've taken TL on some walks in the woods already, he loves it there as he can run free.