How to: Save Money on things! My top 3 Tips!

After I wrote this post about saving money on family days out, it got me thinking about how I go about saving money on other things in general life. You see, I just don't like to splash out if there's a bargain to be had. I hate being ripped off.

I have come to have many things that I do as general practice to save myself money that before writing that post I hadn't even thought about talking about on my blog. I guess that I kind of just assumed that everyone already does all of the same things that I do when it comes to saving money on outgoings. 

But when I think about it,  I bet the truth is that actually there may well be a few things that I could share that others (even, you reading this now) either don't know about, forget to do or have just forgotten completely all about..

So whilst racking my brain for a blog post to write to keep my blog going whilst I am off to Greece with my family for a mini break, I decided - hey, why not write a few of my own money saving tips! And that is exactly what I have decided to do.. (Hope that some of these help!!)..

1. How I save on my car insurance renewal...

I never ever just accept my car insurance renewal price that gets sent through to me in the post. It takes a little effort but when I get a spare, quiet second (Rare I know! But they do occasionally happen!!) I log myself on to a comparison site like http://www.comparethemarket.com (Oh how I really want to get a baby Oleg, #sorrynotsorry haha!) or https://www.confused.com and pop my details in (they save for next year if you create an account) and then I get a new quote. The sites compare loads of different insurance providers and tell you which is cheapest. I then phone my own insurance company up (if I'm wanting to stay with them) and ask them to match what others are offering. It always works and I get my renewal much cheaper, which always makes me one very happy lady! ;) 

2. How I save on random purchases..

On the subject of comparing I use https://www.cybercompare.net for other sorts of purchases and I also use it to find lots of great deals for sites such as MothercareAmazonDebenhams and loads of other huge online retailers. I usually find an array of codes for different amounts of %'s off, free delivery codes and sometimes I even find information about reduced lines. I think that it is always good to check for deals before making any purchases and would totally recommend that it's worthwhile getting into a habit doing so (if you don't already)!

3. How I rarely pay to eat in restaurants..

Wellll, technically that's not completely true! We mostly use Tesco Clubcard vouchers that we are sent through the post to pay for our meals. We collect our vouchers up and then exchange them for tokens to eat out. I think it's something like £10 in vouchers gives £40 worth of food tokens (don't quote me, but the deals are amazing!). We use them pretty much everywhere we go. It saves us so much money as we love eating out! In fact I am writing this on Adams birthday after I just got back from Prezzo for his birthday meal where we used the Tesco vouchers to pay! You can use them for loads of things so if you're not familiar with Tesco Clubcard, it's so worth reading up on.. we mostly use ours on days out, cinema tokens and eating out. :)

So there you have my top 3 money saving tips, I hope that if you didn't already know about any of these that they'll come in handy to now know!


Do you do any of these things? Or if you don't - will you be? What's your own best money saving tip?

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