How to Choose the Right Washing Machine

It may not be the most exciting purchase you ever made. In terms of fun investments, washing machines are up there with boilers and renewing your car insurance. But, like these less than inspirational outlays they are a necessity, and a pricey one at that. With washing machines, there are a number of factors to consider. Here is some advice to take you through the necessary evil of washing machine shopping.

Choose a reputable supplier
A washing machine is an important investment that should give you an effective service for years to come. Electrical shops online offer good value warranties which will help you relax and get on with your life rather than worrying about your new washing machine giving up on you. It is a good idea to check customer feedback before committing to a supplier this will give you an insight into the company’s customer aftercare as well as things like delivery reliability.

The first logistical factor to consider is the space you have for your new unit. Measure up before you go looking. Next you may want to consider a top loading machine, these are quite rare but often have a large capacity as well as the benefit of the door not opening outwards into valuable floor space. You could also go for a combined washer-dryer if you feel you haven’t got the room for a separate stand alone dryer.

The drum capacity of your new washing machine will be an important factor dictated by the regular size of your washing loads. If you regularly produce a lot of washing, you might want to go to the upper end of the scale (sizes can go up to 11kg but this may be a bit excessive).  7kg size is usually adequate for the average household but it if you want to look after your washing machine it is vital you do not overload the drum.

Useful features
As well as the standard fast wash, baby wash, heavy duty and iron-friendly modes, many machines have features such as night mode or delay timer to maximise your time washing. It is worth warning, though, that machines which have the additional features rather than just do the basics well may have a tendency to break easier.

There will be an efficiency guide for all machines which gives you information on capacity, kw water consumption, and noise emission. From these statistics machine will be given an energy rating of A (least efficient) to A+++. It goes without saying that the better the energy rating will not just be good for the environment but your monthly energy bills.


Washing machine prices can vary massively, ensure you shop around to get the best deal. There are now plenty of customer rating services to study the feedback on different machines and it is also worth considering services which some companies provide such as installation and taking away your old machine.

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