Home Decor: The Frames are (FINALLY) filled!

If you follow along via my Instagram (@alexbumptobaby) you'll probably already know that finally I have filled the frames that have sat up on my kitchen wall for what seems like, umm forever! It took us so long to decide and it took us even longer to find a spare minute to sit down and actually have a talk about what to fill them with. (That's the joys of busy family lives, eh?)

But after lots of to-ing and fro-ing we eventually decided to opt for black and white prints from our wedding day. The frames are massive so we didn't want to go for three huge pictures of ourselves, so what we did was turn a picture of our wedding rings into black and white and we now have that as the sort of centre-piece to our frames. I think this works better then what would have been three big photos of just us two. I also think it's a bit different, which I like.. ;) 

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  1. They look gorgeous Alex! We have three white frames over our bed with photos from our wedding- I love them! x

  2. It looks gorgeous Alex, so classic and very classy. Just beautiful. And how nice to have that reminder of your special day every time to you look at that wall. x

  3. They look gorgeous Alex, so classic and classy, just beautiful. And how lovely to have that reminder of your special day every time you look at that wall. X

  4. Awww gorgeous pictures! They look stunning :)

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches

  5. Wow these are beautiful! The black and white is a brilliant touch too xx

  6. Aw I love these. Just perfect/