Getting to grips with the TEFAL Infinity Press Juicer + Win your own!

TEFAL Infinity Press Juicer Review

I like fruit, but I sometimes find it a bit of a chore to eat. I end up throwing so much away, as it gets put in the back of the fridge and then a week later I find it rotten and completely out of date..

So when TEFAL asked if I'd like to try their newest fruit juicer, I wasn't sure if it would be my type of thing. But then I thought of how much fun it would be to do with Ethan when he's a little older. And I also wondered if perhaps it would end up being the sort of thing that was for lazy-fruit-eaters like me.

The box came with a little recipe booklet full of lots of ideas for juice to make. This proved to be super handy as without it, I wouldn't have had a clue what fruit to put together. 

We chose the Energy: Muti fruit juice recipe, minus the carrots as they didn't sound so appealing. We also used half of the ingredients so that we got half the juice in case it wasn't to our taste. 

We used:

1 x Pink Lady apple
1 x Pineapple
1 x Punnet of strawberries
2 x Clementines

After cutting up all of the fruit, we set the juicer up. I'm going to have to say here, that although I've never used a juicer before and neither has my Husband, the TEFAL infinity press juicer really does feel like it's amazing quality. And when we began using it, it was brilliant with no issues whatsoever. I absolutely cannot fault it! But then I also can't compare it to any others.

Once the juice jug was nice and full, we obviously had a cheeky little sample which tasted seriously good. We chilled it overnight in the fridge and all had a glass this morning -  it tasted literally amazing! I am absolutely converted to using juicers! And I also feel so healthy for finally getting my fruit! It will be so amazing to use with Ethan when he's a little older, juicers are a brilliant way to get kids into their fruit!

Technical specifications

• Power: 300W
• Juice Press Technology
• 3 Feed Tubes
• 2 Stainless Steel Filters (thin/thick) 
. 2 jugs, one with a foam separator
• RRP: £199

Available from Amazon, Tesco and Littlewoods

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  1. I love making smoothies but haven't got into juicing yet! Its such a great way of getting your five-a-day, especially with a busy lifestyle! may have to invest... xxxx

  2. I have seriously been considering starting juicing but I'm so picky and not really a fan of bits :( xx