Balancing Baby With Business

No matter whether you’re a working mum, or you prefer to stay at home and take care of your little one, you’ll know what juggling a million different things at once is like! (A potential nightmare, to say the least!). But you’ve no doubt managed to find loads of different ways to compartmentalise the different aspects of your life and make it work for you. If you’re looking for a few tips, look no further! We could all do with a little helping hand from time to time.

When You Run Your Own Business
A lot of mothers decide that it’s the perfect time to go into business once the baby’s born. This often isn’t an extravagant pursuit – typically, a lot of these mums will be using skills they’ve already got to make a bit of extra cash, which can make a whole lot of sense when things like nappies don’t exactly grow on trees! But if the business starts to grow, you’ll most likely be looking at expansion – which is fab, but definitely a bit too much for a new-mummy plate! Loads of companies out there are on hand to help. If you’ve just got a small business, outsourcing an assistant or someone to help with your paperwork can come in handy. If your business is starting to get a big for its boots (in a good way!) though, then some management consultants like Camford MC might be what you need.

When You’ve Got A Tough Boss
When you’ve got a tough boss, it can be a bit of a pain – especially if they don’t have kids of their own. Employers have to expect a certain standard from their staff, or course, but there should be an element of give and take there to give you flexibility at much needed times – the little emergencies that can crop up. If scheduling is a problem, you can suggest that your boss implements a better rota system to suit you AND them – Webroster is a fantastic one which can actually be more profitable for them (they’ll love that one!). If things really get too hard to bear, don’t feel forced out. If you really do want a change though, loads of online job sites have new opportunities all the time – something fun and fresh from Indeed or Hales Group could be totally up your street. 
When You Want Time For YOU!!
It’s easy to think of what’s best for baby. Or your husband. Or you mum and…. The list goes on. But what about such much needed ‘me time’?! There’s no harm in taking some time out. So long as the baby is supervised (obviously…) there are a number of things you can do. Binge watch some TV, head on out with the girls or even hop on a train to meet some old uni mates for a spa weekend. You still get to be a person, too. 

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