I'm actually a Mum of ..5!

Adam and I were 19 years old when we moved out together. We decided to start renting our own place and begin 'making it on our own'. Both being the huge animal lovers that we are, we adopted a crazy little tabby cat who we called Sammy - she was our first little baby. After a while we decided that Sammy needed a friend / sister.. and that's how Sooty came about. Shadow, I rescued from the place I was working at the time - Tesco. She'd been living in the back yard, was completely filthy, severely underweight and pregnant - and so .. that's how Shadow came about! Charlie, we rescued a few years later from the RSPCA.. I'm convinced he thinks he's a dog, he's got the best personality I've ever seen a cat have and he is a complete and utter softy!

So there we were with our 4 cat babies! (yeah - that's quite a lot of cat insurance!!) By then Adam and I, along with our small army of cats had moved into our next house and we're thinking lots and having many a discussion about trying for our first 'real' baby!
And as you all know those thoughts and discussions soon turned themselves into a gorgeous little baby boy named Ethan. So now I'm a Mum to 5!

5 little beings rely on Adam and I - that's kinda a big thing! I mean.. when did we get so grown up?! It's crazy to think that we were just 14 years young when we met and fell in love - just babies ourselves! And now he we are.. a full mortgage, 4 cats, 1 child, 2 responsible jobs, and 2 side businesses and we're even looking forward hoping that soon we'll be fortunate enough to conceive and have another child! Which will hopefully make me a Mum of 6!  



  1. My husband would love a cat but I don't think Macho would like it very much lol great post :) xx

  2. Awww! Ethan and Charlie look like such good buddies. :)

  3. Wow that's a lot of cats! We had one before Mads but we had to get him rehomed unfortunately. I would love another one, or a dog, one day! x

  4. Yep, I'm a mum of four with my two cat babies too! x

  5. We have two cats, and I agree I am definitely a mum of 3 so far...I hope to increase it soon...I think the baby needs his own kitten ;)