Days Out at the Beach with the Kids: What to Wear and What to Take

One of the best things about summer is the increased chance of enjoying the great outdoors. When the kids aren’t in school, getting out and enjoying yourself as a family is a great way to spend your days – after all, who wants to be cooped up inside when the weather is so glorious? Obviously, English weather can be turbulent at times and you can’t always guarantee bright and sunny days, but when the sun does shine, make the most of it while you can! 
Wherever you are in the UK, escaping to the seaside for the day is a possibility, particularly if you’re lucky enough to live on the coast. Whether it means a bit of a drive to the closest resort or you just have to enjoy a brief walk to get there, the seaside is a place of fun and quality family time. Planning on spending the day there? Think carefully about what you wear, and what you take with you, especially if there are limited facilities once you have arrived. 

What to Wear 
If it’s a glorious day, wear some cool and airy summer gear. Now is a perfect time to hit the shops to top up your summer wardrobe anyway, and you can pick up some fabulous girl’s skirts and boy’s shorts from George at ASDA so that the kids are suitably dressed. As for you? A maxi dress would be ideal, and you could always pop a bikini or cozzie underneath it if you’re feeling brave enough to bare your pasty legs. George at ASDA has an amazing value summer shop with clothes for the whole family!
Even if you’re feeling confident that the weather will hold up, make sure that you have a jacket, jumper or hoody with you just in case it does take a turn for the worse. That way, if the temp does drop, you can just pop a layer on to keep the chill at bay. 
If your kids are planning to splash in the sea, or play in the rock pools, make sure they’re wearing their swimsuits or trunks for it. That way, their clothes will be dry and clean ready for the journey home. 
Footwear needs to be sensible. Sandals or flip-flops are ideal, because the sand can be cleaned out of them a lot easier than it can from trainers and hi-tops! Espadrilles are also a great choice for summer living. 
What to Pack 
What you take with you depends on how long you’re planning to stay at the beach for, and what amenities are nearby. If there aren’t any restaurants or cafes around, you’ll need to pack a picnic and a few snacks to keep the energy up. Also make sure you take plenty of water – bottled water can be kept cool by keeping it in the shade, or burying it in the sand. 
Make sure you have suncream with you, as well as sunhats and shades. The midday sun can be sweltering, even in England, and you and the kids will need to be protected! 
A couple of towels will also be required – not only can they be sat on, but they will also be handy to dry the kids off after they’ve enjoyed splashing around in the sea. 
Take a book for you, too. When the kids are busy building sandcastles and finding shells, you can catch up on your latest read! 
Make the most out of the gorgeous weather and take the kids to the seaside at least once this summer, for a traditionally British day out!
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