Perfect Gifts for the Perfect Host

If you have a friend that is always one for having the whole gang round all the time, and their birthday is coming up or anything other occasion that requires getting them a gift, choosing something to appeal to their hosting side would no doubt go down a treat.
After all, there are loads of things out there that you could get them to put a smile on their face on their special day, as well as yours when they have you around for tea! We’ve put together a list of some of the best ideas we’ve found to get you inspired (and of course to always secure you an invite when they plan their next dinner party!). 

Tea or coffee bits and bobs
Something to aid their favourite habit – feeding their caffeine fix – and to help them serve their favourite tea time drinks to their favourite people is a great idea. The plus of this as well is that there are loads of ideas and options out there, from pretty, flowery teapots and serving trays to personalised photo coasters (available online from myphotogifts.co.uk). Or if they love something even more flush, a brand spanking new coffee or tea maker is sure to bump you up on their Christmas card list. 

Something a little stronger
If their tipple of choice tends to be more champagne than chai, a nice bottle of bubbly with some fancy serving accessory could be really nice. Things like swanky decanters are perfect for that friend who thinks they’re a real wine connoisseur, especially as they’re a little bit different and unique too. You could team it with a bottle of their favourite drink from their birth year or other significant year to show just how much thought you’ve put into it, too. 
Serving up a treat
For those who love nothing more than cooking for their friends and family, some really nice new serve ware is a good idea. It could be anything from sharing plates to drinks trays, or to things like baking items like cupcake stands or plates. There is a big selection on this site for everyday serving utensils too, like serving spoons and tongs which a true foodie hostess would always appreciate as they no doubt never seem to have enough! 
Green fingered goodies
If they seem to have all of those bases covered, something to make their entertaining room of choice a little bit more appealing would always go down a treat. This could be any form of decorative accessory really but you can never go wrong with a really nice plant or pot of flowers. Think about their favourite colours and the colour schemes of their home and work around that to find them something that would really appeal to them in particular. You could go for rustic plant pots with bright florals in, or pretty antique tea cups with dainty little flowers inside to put a smile on their face on their special day. 

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  1. Such great ideas! I'm usually the 'host' so it's nice for people to have ideas of things to get x

  2. Great ideas, some really lovely suggestions here! xxx

    Vikki @ Love From Mummy