Mummy Style: Inspiration for Expectant Mothers

In theory, maternity dress shopping should be one of the most exciting and enjoyable experiences that you will ever encounter as a woman. However, this is not always the case, as finding dresses that strike the ideal balance between style and functionality can be a genuinely difficult task! But it's not necessarily impossible, that is, when you broaden your search beyond the high street and consider independent online brands like Bibee Dresses (who have kindly provided a discount code for the readers of my blog which entitles you to 30% off all full price items over on their site. The code is 'bumptobaby' if you would like to use it :)

Finding Dresses to Wear Throughout your Pregnancy and Beyond

The same principle also applies to identifying suitable dresses once your baby has been born, as tasks such as breast-feeding can provide a significant challenge. With this in mind, here are some choices of dresses that you can wear throughout your pregnancy without compromising on either style or function!

The Black Maxi Dress

The black maxi dress is an undisputed classic, and has also been adapted into a customisable garment for pregnant women. More specifically, you can wear an elegant and sleek maxi dress along with a selection of mix and match accessories, including alternative dress fronts and t-shirts. These can be rotated and changed within a matter of moments, meaning that as a soon-to-be mother you can quickly change your look without compromising on your overall sense of style. Ideal for elegant and restrained evenings out while pregnant, you can customise your look according to your exact, real-time needs.

The Navy Length Knee Dress

While the idea of wearing a sleek and fitted maxi dress may inspire most pregnant women, there are also times where this type of garment may be slightly out of place. If you are expecting to give birth but want to look your best during casual, day time hours, for example, you would be better suited by investing in a knee length dress that can also be personalised with versatile panels and t-shirts. While this works in much the same way as the maxi dress, it offers a more suitable option for coffee with girls or informal lunches with friends

The Eggplant Knee Length Dress

Once your baby has been born, how about an eggplant knee length dress and accompanying t-shirt for breast feeding. These alternative panels can be worn in style and comfort, while also ensuring that your baby can have discreet access to the breast regardless of your physical location. Once again, the garments combine style with function and allows you to look immediately after giving birth, unlike figure hugging maternity clothes that tend to hug your figure.

This is a guest post on style for expectant and post pregnancy Mums. 

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