How to Save Money Whilst on Holiday

The ultimate guide to saving money on holiday from Dealchecker.co.uk

We all like to relax and enjoy ourselves whilst on Holiday and holding back on the spending might not seem the best way to do that, but it's something that we all probably need to do a little more of!
This guide from dealchecker.co.uk covers everything from planning mealtimes and days out, to finding the best insurance and car hire options. Whether you are staying in the UK or heading abroad there are certain to be some tips which will help your holiday budget go further.

Here are just some of their top tips for saving money.. 

  • SHOP AROUND Have a good look around the Internet and in-person for the best deal. Don’t forget, it’s not all about exchange rate - you must factor in commission as well.
  • AVOID THE AIRPORT Sorry to sound like a broken record, but make sure to avoid airports. It’s a captive market and exchange rates are not favourable.
  • OUT OF CREDIT Do not purchase foreign money with credit cards. You’re likely to be stung with a cash withdrawal fee.
  • IN CREDIT Consider a specialist credit card such as the Halifax Clarity, which offers no exchange fee in any country, making it perfect for frequent fliers.
  • PRE-PAID If you’re not able to get one of these, an alternative is a pre-paid card, which you can load up before you leave. These do carry charges but are handy for those that don’t like to carry too much cash around.

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