Five Among Friends: Home/House Edition

Hello and welcome to this month's Five Among Friends! This month's questions were created by Lauren from MrsHippo&Me

The theme is... YOUR HOME (with photos!)

''This month I thought I'd do something a little different. One photo alone speaks a thousand words so instead of you just writing your answers, I want to see them! So add an accompanying photo along with your answer'' Lauren @ MrsHippo&Me

1.) Where do you live? 

In a lovely little village near Milton Keynes. It's very peaceful and we love it. This isn't my house (sadly) but this is the view from the front of my house :)

2.)  Which room in your home do you spend the most time in and why? 

I think my time is evenly spread between most rooms to be honest, but I'll go for the living room because I relax in there, watch TV, write my blog etc.

3.)  Within your home, which is your most treasured item?

I have lots and lots of keepsakes which are all in the attic right now - they go back from when Adam and I started going out together. I also have a baby box for myself that my Mum made, again, this is all keepsakes from when I was born and a baby myself. Something I can photograph though is our macbook. Now I'm not sentimental over things like this. But it does have all of our photographs on so I do treasure it for that reason. 

I also would have to say my wedding ring and engagement ring - I always have them on but they're still technically in the house, right? ;) And obviously my wedding album. 

Oh and the picture that Adam drew at school for his art that now hangs in Ethans room, because it's just sentimental and brings back memories for us :)

4.) Do you have a favourite item or group of items? This can be furniture, photographs, ornaments..anything you like. 

I have so many right now, because we've just brought so many new things for our new house. So I'm loving a lot of what we currently have. I love Ethans chest of drawers (see below) and our bed, and my new dressing table (above) and our new living room curtains and the sofa haha.. There's so much, I can't choose!

5.) What is the strangest thing in your home? 

Definitely.. me! 

Haha.. there's an explanation to this.. I was actually having my hair pulled by my ever so lovely Son at the time of a what was meant to be 'Mummy and baby' smiley photograph! You can just about see the little MR in the act.. ;)


I'm not really a keeper of strange things. Oh! Actually.. I do have a book of spells. I'd photograph it but I don't know where it is. It's definitely somewhere in the house though, I've had it since I was around 12 years old (my Mum got me it from a book store) and I  believed that the love spell brought Adam to me, hahaha! So I will never throw it away now. Oh God, the absolute shame! And wow I bet you think I'm totally weird now, right? ;) 

There you have it guys, we hope you enjoyed reading this month's Five Among Friends. Don't forget, you can join in on the fun too!! All you have to do is copy the questions on to your blog and add your link to the Linky below!

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  1. LOVE this!! Your dressing table is pretty - I have one and its still in the box coz I need to move Tyne into his room before I can set it up lol.

    Love that your the strange thing in your house lol.
    And OMG...I also have a book of spells lol. And I also believe a love spell worked for me and Jon lmao. Hey lets be tragic together! :D


  2. You have a beautiful home :-) x Char


  3. I LOVE your style, your home has such a chic and modern feel to it! I wouldn't say you're strange, crazy but not strange :P xxx

  4. Lovely post!! The view from your house is perfect and I love your clock! x

  5. Wow you're house is amazing, I love the decor!! I've got house envy now haha. Love that crazy pic of you too - you crack me up! xx


  6. What a beautiful post, I love your dressing table. I've been hinting to be my husband at one like this (maybe this Christmas) The last photo is so funny. Scarlett was a hair puller but for some reason I always used to laugh x

  7. What a lovely insight into your life. Thank you for sharing.

  8. What a lovely street you live in :-) great post love the hair pulling photo :-)

  9. You're home is gorgeous! I love your pictures. Your area looks gorgeous too :)

    Fiona @ www.dollydowsie.com