A Blast from My Past - Moments Captured in Time through Photography

I always talk about how much I love photography and how important I think it is. Life moves too quickly and our memory is (if yours is anything like mine) always full. So it's nice to look back at old photos and remember times gone by, times that was almost forgotten. Times that made you who you are today. 
An ex neighbour that my family and I we're very very close to when I was younger put some photographs on Facebook today that showed me as a young child. They were so lovely to see and looking at them was like I was actually re-visiting those memories, memories that the busyness of everyday life forces me sometimes to forget.
And that's why I take so many photos, it's why I blog, it's so that I have a memory bank. Somewhere I can come to see what I did this time last year, how Ethan looked, what he was doing.. 
Whether you use professional newborn photographers or you snap away at home on your own camera -photography is so powerful for bringing moments gone by back to life.

Oh and yes I really was that skinny! Haha.

Me, my Brother Mark and our neighbours little girl Sammy

The day that My Mum married my step-dad (right). Not sure on the green dress! 

Think I was hungry.. hence the face hahaha ;)


  1. Aw cute photos, I was a right chubby girl! haha x

  2. Aww wow I would never recognise you! You've changed so much! xx

  3. Ah I love seeing old photos, these are cute. You look so different now! x

  4. I love this post! For me photographs capture a little bit of time forever - That is MAGIC! I love your photos, thanks for sharing x