5 Ways That We Can All Be Just A Little Bit Healthier

I know!..

..We’ve heard all of these before, but sometimes we all just need to take a moment to stop and remind ourselves to be a little more healthier because sadly we’re all as guilty as each other (some more than others – like myself) of falling back into bad habits after promising ourselves that we’d absolutely be trying harder this year! You know with our new year resolutions and all that..

So here we have it, 5 ways that we can all be just that little bit more healthier..

1. Use your legs not your tyres – we’re all guilty of driving 5 minutes down the road because we ‘couldn’t be bothered’ to walk! Well now the weathers warmer here in the UK there really is no excuse! So let’s ditch the car and get our legs moving!

2. If you puff try some alternative stuff – Smoker? Want to stop but have been putting it off? Why not try ecigs? Websites like e-cigstore.co.uk have starter kits aimed at people making the transition and what's more is they're offering my readers 15% off any order using the code 'bumptobaby15'. So why not start today? Today’s as good as any other day!

3. Save cash and turn on the tap – We fork out so much on drinks every week but it’s a. healthier and b. free to turn on the tap and fill up a glass of water! Add a slice of lemon or lime to it and it’s actually a really refreshing drink!

4. Swap that choccie for a banana (OR alternatively INSERT favourite fruit here!) – We’re all guilty of it. We should all do this one. So let’s try it, ..today!

5. Make like a fish and swim! – Now it’s pretty much summer, we all need to find ways to cool ourselves down. Most people are heading to the stores to pick up a fan but why not go for a little dip at your local pool? It’ll cool you down and keep you nice and fit!

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  1. I so need to make better choices!! Been so naughty since Easter!! x

  2. Starting this week, my hubby and I are challenging ourselves to drink 4 pints of water a day. Makes you feel so much more healthy!!

  3. These are great tips. Ever since I started slimming world a year ago my eating and lifestyle has completely changed! and changed for the better. I hardly ever buy drinks from shops anymore, but If I haven't had a drink for a while and If I forgot to fill a bottle up then I will buy one from the shop.
    Great post.