My Top 3 Tips to add Character to and Spruce up a Room the Easy Way!

Since I'm currently in the middle of redecorating my own new home and working my way through each room in the house, I thought it would be fitting to share some of my very own tips with you for sprucing up rooms and adding a touch of character.

1. Lighting

Lighting is very important in my opinion.. not only does lighting do exactly what it says it does; create light, it also creates atmosphere - a cosy atmosphere! Places like IKEA, who are my personal favourite for lighting, are brilliant for cheap but fantastic lighting options. A small light above a picture that hangs on your wall can create a lovely ambience. Updating ceiling light shades is another really easy way to change a room and it's a cheap option too!

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2. Be daring with colour and add a feature wall

One of the more common ways that people tend to spruce up a room is by painting it - it's a fairly cheap option and not particularly difficult. A top tip of mine is add a feature wall! We did one in our last home in the bedroom using paint from NEXT on the wall behind the bed. The room was originally magnolia and it needed sprucing up, a feature wall of a darker colour (brown in our instance) really worked to give the room exactly what it needed and it meant that we didn't even have to paint the rest of the room - Cheap and easy! :)

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3. Invest in a little art

Things like canvas art and pop up prints really help to bring a room to life and you don't need to go overboard with to much of it. One particularly great piece of art will be just enough to not only spruce up a room but add a sense of real character to it, that is if the right piece is picked. Have a browse online and find something that suits your own/your families personality and style! There are so many options, there is literally something for everyone! 

Pic source: >here<
Artist: Solveiga Kadike Skadina

I hope these tips help anyone who's currently thinking about changing up a room/s in their house. Sprucing up a room and adding a little character doesn't have to be time or financially consuming if you follow these simple tips!

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