Moving on up at Meal time ft Munchkin

At just under 1 years old, Ethan is well and truly on to eating the more lumpier foods. Obviously we still have to be ultra careful and chop or blend most things up, but when I think back to those messy first weaning pouches we've come along way! 

More recently I wanted to try him on a more healthy 'snacky' type lunch as I want him to learn early to like lots of different types of food - particularly foods that are healthier for him like fruits. Ethan has a tendency to spit fruits out. I think the main reason for this is because they're cold and obviously quite a bit different to the usual hot, sloppy type of meals that he is use to. But I'm being persistent and not giving up, I want him to get use to them because as we all know fruit is great for us health wise.

I'd been meaning for a while to pick Ethan up some more bits and bobs for lunches and dinners. I'd wanted to get him some more, I suppose you could say, 'maturer' cutlery and dinner times bits. So when we kindly received this lovely surprise package form Munchkin (above) the other day it couldn't have come at  a better time!

It's important for me to say that Munchkin haven't specifically asked me to blog about this package, but I really wanted to share it with you, because honestly I just think it's fabulous. Ethan and I have been getting on so well with the products they sent us and I really think that they are perfect for his age. 

Usually I'd have a more 'favourite' product that I'd rave about but I can't actually pick between them. We love love love the dinosaur split plate because it means I can separate Ethans food (see first pic). The bib is absolutely great - we've always used Tommee Tippee in the past but what I love about this bib is that it's flat so it easily fits behind the high chair table but also still has the pocket on which catches food. The fork and spoon set is just perfect - Ethan uses these with ease and they're great for teaching him how to use cutlery like we use as adults. The bath toys brighten up his bath time (Ethans favourite time of the day). We absolutely adore the little lunch box - this is going to be just perfect for summer picnics at the park (which we can't wait for!) and the flip straw cup is just fantastic as it means that I can start to each Ethan how to use a straw which I'd been thinking a lot about lately! 

We feel so lucky to be able to test these products because it means we can share with you the brilliant stuff - the products that are worth buying and in my opinion these are. We couldn't be more impressed, thanks Munchkin!
For further information on these products please go to munchkin.eu.com. Their products can be found at leading stores nationwide, such as Tesco, Wilko, Morrisons etc etc. Munchkin are on twitter @Munchkin_UK.


  1. These sound great! I've been thinking I need to expand our supply of feeding equipment so will definitely look into these as a possibility. Thank you!

  2. Love munchkin stuff, its the only bottle Abbie will drink out of too! x