Home Decor: Five fun themes for a couple’s bedroom

Many couples spend a great deal of time in the bedroom, so spending time to make it a beautiful and relaxing space is well worth it. Coming up with fun decorating ideas, though, can be a challenge, especially when you both have to agree on certain points; she loves purple and he can’t stand it, he’s addicted to industrial monochrome and she isn’t buying it. Searching websites like www.superamart.com.au to borrow and choose ideas before spending a cent is a smart action to take; don’t buy on impulse, look around at the better deals. Do you need a starting point? Here are 5 themes you might want to try. 

Be Dramatic

Don't be afraid to add a little drama with a deep wall colour like rich chocolate. You'll feel enveloped at night, which will ease you into sleep a lot faster. Keep the room from feeling too heavy by balancing it with a white headboard. You can pick up the wall colour again with plush throw pillows. Then of course add some accent pieces; it could be a painting on your wall or an antique quilt that's draped over a chair. Put your favourite items on display on bedroom shelves, along with art books, glassware, and anything with a burst of colour -- like a bright gift box or jewellery tree to add an air of sophistication. 

Be Romantic 

A couple who wants a romantic room with a traditional touch may consider hanging a canopy over the bed. A canopy can become the focal point of the room. The couple can buy throw pillows and curtains to match the canopy. It also makes the bed feel cosier and more intimate. To be able to instantly change the mood, a dimmer is a lighting must-have as is a candle shelf on top of chair rail around the room. 

Snag Hotel-Suite Style

If you have room, add a chair to a corner of your bedroom, which will make your room seem larger. Or consider an upholstered bench at the foot of the bed. Buy a set of soft sheets that make you want to climb into them at night. Most sheets top off at softness when you reach a 500 thread count, so don't bother paying extra for anything above that. Cover the bed with a fluffy down duvet, a heavy wool blanket, or a soft cotton quilt. Then, toss a gorgeous throw onto the foot of the bed. Be sure to buy a headboard to give your bedroom a hotel-chic look that a bed frame can't do on its own.

Sweetheart Room

Mix red and pink hearts to create a cute couple's bedroom. As a reminder of the love that creates a couple, use red bedding, curtains and rugs. Choose wallpaper with red hearts or roses. Brighten the red with pink heart-shaped pillows. Use heart-shaped frames in pink or red to add pictures to the walls and area tables.

His and Hers

If a couple cannot reach a decision on bedroom decor, a cute idea is to split the room in half by dividing the main wall of the room in half. Paint one side of the wall in black or other darker colours and the other white or a soft feminine shade. Keep the colours either the same in different shades or on opposite ends of the spectrum. Decorate the darker side with the male's interests, such as sports, and the female side with her interests. Choose matching lamps in neutral shades, and use appropriately coloured floor rugs to finish the duel appearance.

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