Holiday Resorts: What's Important When You Are Travelling With Kids

Going on a summer holiday is something that many of us look forward to each year, but the planning process can often be a little more complicated than we might first expect. This is especially true when our kids come with us on our trips abroad as there are so many considerations to make in order to keep them safe, secure and happy.

In order to have a brilliant summer holiday where the needs of the entire family are met, it helps to consider a number of different factors when it comes to choosing a resort. Whilst we as parents obviously need to keep tabs on the costs, there is more to a good choice than simply picking the cheapest getaway of the bunch. Here are a few questions to mull over regarding resorts - you may find these helpful when planning your next trip (they work for me!)...


How long will the flight be?

If you have ever done a long car journey with your kids, you will be familiar with the question “are we nearly there yet?”. This is nothing compared to a flight, where some kids have nerves associated with travelling on a plane, and others find that their ears hurt with the changes in air pressure. Therefore you may want to choose a location that will have a shorter flight time (check amadeus.net for specifics) - resorts in Spain and France are popular for this reason. When a flight is under the three hour mark, it can be easier to find activities to fill the time than it is for a nine hour trip!

What distance is the resort from the airport?

It is also helpful to think about the distance from the airport to the resort, as some are not as close as they seem on a zoomed out map. In terms of a suitable example, the resort of Marmaris in Turkey is 110km from Dalaman airport, which can take around two hours by road. If your kids get restless in the car, there is a good chance that they might not be too happy to get on a coach or in a taxi when they have just spent a good few hours on a plane. Majorca and Lanzarote are ideal if you are looking for short transfer times.

Is the beach ‘kid friendly’?

Looking at the resort itself, you could do a bit of research about the beaches on offer. The first thing to do is to check whether there is soft sand or shingle, as you will probably end up spending a lot more time at the hotel pool if it is the latter. Another important feature is the rating of the beach, and whether there are lifeguards that are on hand in the case of an emergency. A gentle sloping shoreline is ideal for kids as they are able to splash around more safely.

What facilities does the hotel have?

Finally, it helps to take a proper look at the hotel and the facilities that are on offer. Kids clubs are often welcome additions, as well as separate swimming pools and playing areas. You might want to read reviews from other travellers online to get their opinions on which resorts and hotels they have had good experiences at in the past.

Have you got a summer holiday planned for this year? If so, where are you heading to?


  1. Hi Alex, good post! We are off to Villamoura in Portugal for 10 days in May. We are used to travelling with Anelia at this stage. We chose an apart hotel as we find it's easier than a hotel....we can do our own thing with plenty of space. www.alittlelondoner.com

  2. *Amelia (I should really read over what I write)