Getting Ready for Easter

Easter is on it's way! The shops are full of delicious tempting chocolate eggs and the spring flowers are out in force! It's a lovely time of the year and the warmer weather gets me so excited for summer time - our first in our new home!

This Easter will be Ethans first, with Good Friday falling on his birthday party date! So there's lots of fun celebrations lined up for us in the coming week. I found this super cute Easter themed chick gift bag in the shops, I think it was a from a QD (Quality Discount) store and was really cheap! I absolutely love it and it's huge, so I can fit lots of goodies inside for my little man! 

I don't think he really needs that much for Easter especially with it being so close to his Birthday. But I did get a few little treats..

This book was a perfect find, again it was from QD. The bunny theme is perfect for Easter and I love the cute mini book attached to it!

Easter's need Easter without a little bit of choccie, it may seem a lot for a 1 year old but don't worry Mummy (and probably Daddy) will be helping a certain someone eat it all.

I found this Happy Easter Garland in Poundland I think it was and couldn't resist it, I thought it would just help to really set the Easter theme off in the house!

What do you think to Ethans first Easter treats? Are you doing something similar for your little one/s? 


  1. So so cute, love the easter chick x

  2. Awww cute! I love Easter stuff!
    It's always been a tradition in our family to do Easter Baskets - however as the mother of the first boy in the McLean family for 30 years, its a challenge to me to make a boyish one! lol! I`m putting it together tomorrow, so fingers crossed! :)
    I LOVE that baby bunny book!