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Welcome to a new feature, Five Among Friends, where myself & some of my closest blogging friends will be linking up for a a series of Q & A's once every month.

We'd love to see your answers to the questions too - Just post your Q & A on your blog and then put your link in the Linky below and we'll be sure to check them out! Don't forget to check out other peoples answers too!

This week's theme is Right now I'd rather be.....

This week's questions were written by Kerry at Lived With Love….

The Questions

1) Right now, I'd rather be sitting….. on my brand new sofa I've ordered from Next which isn't due to arrive for a couple of weeks yet. Instead I'm sitting on the matching Next armchair, which isn't so bad I know. But I like to cuddle up to my Hubby and we don't both fit on here! #soppy

2) Right now, I'd rather be wearing…. I'm happy with what I'm wearing, because as I write this it's half ten at night on Mothers Day and I'm in front of the fire (in the armchair haha) wearing my pyjamas, dressing gown and slippers - bliss!

3) Right now, I'd rather be eating…. I'm pretty stuffed from a lovely meal out at our local village pub for Mothers Day (which was absolutely gorgeous) but I would choose a chinese takeaway from a chinese that was close to us where we used to live. It does the BEST vegetarian 'mock' meat, it's insanely tasty and I miss it already!!

4) Right now, I'd rather be listening to.. The sound of one, or all, of my cats purring. But instead I'm listening to my Husband on the playstation, though to be fair it's very quiet, the living room clock is louder!

5) Right now, I'd rather be with…. No one else. Nothing makes me happier than just right now. I've got my Husband and Ethan here with me, oh and my four adorable cats, so I'm feeling very lucky!

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