10 things only Cat Owners will understand

As of 2013, apparently 19% of UK households had a cat, so it’s fair to say that there’s a pretty strong community of feline friendly people out there. Any one of those households will tell you that there are some things that they just ‘get’ that people without cats never will. We’ve rounded up a list of some of the most common (and hilarious) ones. 

1. Wondering what the emergency is when they suddenly run to another room
It’s so intense that you almost wish you were part of the secret so that you had at least some idea what was going on. 

2. Not being able to use the laptop in peace as that’s their favourite place to sit
Regardless of how important that essay is that you have to submit within 20 minutes, there’s no place comfier for your cat than your keyboard. (No, we don’t understand either...)

3. Putting the kettle or having a nap whilst they decide if they want to go in or out
Standing by the door whilst they make their mind up even though you’re getting pneumonia, whilst they sit half in and half out. 

4. Not being able to go to the toilet or have a bath without being watched
They’re worse than having kids for this as at least kids have a basic grasp of English, so you have to make do with letting go of your privacy (and dignity) forever. 

5. The feeling of finding your cat nestled in the pile of laundry you just washed
At first you thought they might have sore joints so you thought you’d treat them with seraquin from Vet Medic. Now, however, you just think they’re being cheeky. 

6. Everything in your home being a cat toy or a threat
You can guarantee that they’ll have the strongest opinions on all of your belongings; they’ll either love it and count it as theirs, or they’ll hate it and constantly try to destroy it. 

7. Walking in on your cat stuck in bowls/boxes/vases at least 10 times a day
It was funny at first, but fishing them out of boxes for them to just jump back into 5 minutes later gets old very quickly. 

8. Not being able to get up/down the stairs as it’s their new favourite place to nap
You’re convinced that they’ll jump up if you dare walk past them on the stairs, so you make do with just one level of your house for the rest of the day. 

9. Talking to them and pretending they understand
Responding to their ‘meows’ with lots of ‘I know, I know’ and hoping that no one can hear you. 

10. Being unable to have both a cat and house plants
No matter how much effort you make with your home, you can guarantee they’ll try to destroy the nicest things. The main victim; the house plants. I'm not sure what it is about them that cats hate so much, but they will get demolished. 

What does your cat do that makes you laugh?


  1. I'm not a cat owner but an exboyfriend owned three and I found myself nodding to all the points!

    Anita @ AllThingsAnita

  2. I can completely relate to this! We have 2 cats and they are just as you've described! x