What's on my Pandora Bracelet + My Everyday Jewellery

I'm not a particularly massive jewellery wearer and I never really wear much costume jewellery. I tend to opt for more sentimental pieces because that's just what I prefer. 

Today I thought it might be nice to give you a little look at some of the jewellery I wear and also show you what charms I have on my Pandora bracelet...

Pandora, pandora bracelet

Adam brought my Pandora bracelet for our wedding day as a gift as he knew I'd wanted one for a while. When he gave it to me there was the adorable red heart charm you can see and also the wedding rings charm, that is my absolute favourite! 

I also have a cat on there from my Mum for my 24th birthday and a best friends charm from my friend and colleague which was also for my 24th. I also have a silver little bear holding a blue bow charm which we got to mark the arrival of Ethan. The pastel pink hanging charm was from Adam for this Christmas.

I also have a gold heart chain on there which runs from either side of the ends of the bracelet, asides from looking pretty it serves to help stop the bracelet falling off, in case it ever came un-done. If you're looking for a new customised bracelet yourself than have a look at these: getnamenecklace bracelet.

Adam brought my Pandora necklace and matching earrings (see below) for the Christmas before last. I was pregnant at the time and I like to think that the 3 pearls signify Adam, Ethan and me!

wedding rings

I ALWAYS wear my wedding and engagement rings, I never take them off,  unless I absolutely have to. Adam choose my engagement ring himself when he we got engaged at 19 and then we picked out our wedding rings together. Searching for wedding rings was so much fun! I remember looking everywhere! I love diamond rings, the sparklier the better! One of my favourite places to browse for wedding rings was www.vashi.com, they do the MOST beautiful jewellery! I could spend an absolute fortune on their website!

I have 2 piercings in my ears on both sides but also 1 extra one on the top of my ear but I no longer wear an earring in it. Both of these earrings are from Pandora and were gifts from Adam, one pair for last Christmas and the other pair for the Christmas before that. 

I also have my belly button pierced but since have Ethan I now have a very prominent 'outie' so no longer wear any jewellery there, haha! 

Do you wear much jewellery? If so - do you tend to stick to sentimental pieces like I do?


  1. Aww I love the necklace!

    I do like sentimental jewellery that signifies thing, especially hand-me-downs and heirlooms - but I tend not to wear them coz I worry about losing them. My mum bought me a charm bracelet for my 21st which I just keep in its bag, and my Aunty bought me a lovely Thomas Sabo charm bracelet for my 30th but again I dont like to wear it out lol.
    And I have a st christopher pendant which was given to me when I was a baby by my grandmother, that is in a safeplace and I`ll never wear it lol.

    I tend to prefer costume jewellery to wear day to day coz I dont care if it gets lost or broken, and its easy to replace...especially now that Tyne has taken such an interest in pulling my necklaces etc lol


  2. I'm like you I tend to only wear sentimental pieces on a day to day basis

  3. Love your necklace, I wear my wedding and engagement ring constantly and only take them off when I am cleaning or in the bath as I am terrified they will fall off and go down the plug hole... I do something wear costume jewellery but I have to be careful as I have a nikel allergy!

    I also wear my Pandora bracelet which I got at Christmas xx

  4. I have a Pandora bracelet which I never take off, I love it, I have lots of charms on there now that mean a lot. Other than that I wear my engagement and wedding ring and thats it really. x

  5. Love the blog post! Your bracelet looks so nice! I would appreciate if you checked out my own review of a pandora bracelet x