The Most Popular Date to Get Married and Other Fabulous UK wedding Facts

If you’re lucky enough to have enjoyed the ‘perfect wedding’, you probably can’t have wished for a happier, more loving and fulfilled day, when everything clicked into place and ran smoothly. But even if you wouldn’t want to change a single moment of the whole experience, that won’t have stopped you wondering how you might do things just a little differently!

It’s always fascinating to see how other happy couples chose to spend their big day. How much did their wedding cost? Where did they go on honeymoon? Did they get married in the UK, or travel abroad to some far-flung glamorous destination? How many guests did they invite?

Tying the Knot: Fabulous Wedding Facts is a really good read, full of quirky details about UK weddings in 2013. Some aren’t that surprising – for example, the most commonly requested wedding gifts were cash or vouchers, followed by items from a gift list – but the fact that 19% of couples asked for nothing perhaps is.

There are one or two real gems in there, too: the total number of calories the average number of wedding guests will consume during the reception, and the percentage of brides who cry during their father’s speech (it’s quite high). Check it out for yourselves…

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  1. Hehe I'm getting married on the first Saturday in August! X