Muncaster Castle, Cambria. A Hidden Gem in the UK.

I am one of those people who just absolutely loves to visit new places. My favourite type of place to visit is somewhere with a deep history. I suppose that's why castles always top my 'places I want to visit' list. 

As you all know, we took Ethan on his first holiday last year to The Lake District and we had such an amazing time. It was mine and Adams second visit (our first being for our Honeymoon) and it didn't fail to take our breath away for a second time. The Lake District is just such a stunning place. Whilst we were there, we took the opportunity to visit a castle called Muncaster Castle, which if I'm totally honest just absolutely wow'ed me. I was blown away by not only the enchanting castle itself, but also by the beautiful views it overlooked. I've seen a few castles before, but none so beautifully located as Muncaster.

We took a few snaps, but I don't think any photographs could ever truly do the setting justice. 

I love this photo that I took. It seems strange to say, but this photo and being there made me feel so alive. 

Muncaster is a historic haunted castle and is still a lived-in family home by the Pennington family, who have resided in the Castle since 1208. A previous resident, Tom Fool aka Tom Skelton who was once a court jester at Muncaster in the 16th Century is also subject of many ghost stories there.
My lovely Hubby with the gorgeous views behind him.

Here we are with Ethan who was much younger than he is now!

I loved meeting the owls!
The World Owl Centre within the gardens of Muncaster Castle is the headquarters of the World Owl Trust. The charity is widely acknowledged as the world's leading owl conservation organisation. The Trust promotes scientific research, habitat creation and restoration, nest box scheme and a breeding programme. They re-habilitate injured owls and other wildlife until they are fit to be released to the wild.

As with most castles, photographs are not allowed inside so here we are at the entrance.

I could have stayed there forever. Muncaster castle is the type of place you instantly fall in love with and never want to leave. So when LOOK Insurance asked me to submit my favourite place in the UK to their new interactive map of hidden gems, Muncaster castle was definitely my number one choice

From contributing to their map, I have discovered some amazing places in the UK such as Bamburgh castle in Northumberland, which is now firmly placed on my own personal 'must visit' list! 

What's your favourite place in the UK and what makes it so special? Don't forget to tell others about it and submit yours here.

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  1. So beautiful! Would love to visit myself - shame about no photograph inside though! x

    Anita @ ATA|AllThingsAnita

  2. Bamburgh Castle is beautiful and have amazing sand dunes right next to it, I would definitely recommend it! I would also suggest Alnwick Castle and Gardens, such a beautiful place too Xx

  3. I love visiting new places, hense me being obsessed with the wildlife and natural trust..im also abit of a history lover so wondering about houses makes me a little lost..in a happy way!! Gorgeous! We went to chatsworth in the peak district and the gardens were amazing!!

    WTPP - Living the dream, all but the farm!.