An easy way to find local ethically produced products!

Are you that person who's continually searching for local, ethically produced products for your family home? A lot of people want to opt for these types of products but not everyone has the time or the patience to look... that was, until now!..

What is MadeCloser?

MadeCloser is a place where customers can buy any goods that are originally manufactured within their own continent: sorted by area - in order of local, regional, national or continental location.
Uniquely for an online marketplace, shoppers who care about local economies, sustainable commerce, helping the planet and helping fellow citizens, can choose products from a wide-ranging catalogue of goods - all Made Closer!
In 2011, it is estimated that approximately 90% of Christmas presents were manufactured in China. This year, next year and in the future... wouldn't it be nice if 90% of Christmas presents originate from within our own continent?
MadeCloser Give back
MadeCloser gives two thirds of its' net profit, to charities that comply with at least one of their charitable pre-requisites:
  • Supporting the preservation and evolution of indigenous and endangered cultures and species
  • Active involvement in local, national & continental self sustainability
  • The education of free will and self governance
  • Working with nature to fight disease
Out of this donated money, half of the funds go to causes and projects in the actual region of the individual customer.

Manufactures I love from MadeCloser

  • Just4kids - Based in Cheshire. My favourite product of theres is this adorable beanbag..
  • See Saw children's clothes - Based in Kent. I love the childrens cotton farmyard t shirts so much and they're really reasonably priced.
  • Weamo furniture - Based in Durham. Their furniture would look great in any childs bedroom.
What do you think to this idea? Personally I think it's brilliant!

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