Guest Post: 10 Must Have Items for Children with Cerebral Palsy

Depending on the type of Cerebral Palsy your child has, their needs and abilities will differ.
We bring you 10 of the best, and most essential products that can help assist individuals with Cerebral Palsy on a daily basis.

About a third of children with cerebral palsy are non-ambulatory and will require the use of a wheelchair for transportation outside, indoors, or both.
There’s a huge array of wheelchairs and associated technology available, which will adapt to any need.

2-Adaptive Tricycle
Therapeutic cycling is a fun and effective way to improve respiration, hand-eye coordination and muscle function in children with cerebral palsy.

3-Standing Equipment
When your child has difficulty holding themselves in an upright position, standing equipment can help with their stability. Frames can help a child participate in activities they may not otherwise be able to.

4-Adaptive School Supplies
Personalised equipment can help children make the most of their schooling. From large crayons to pen grips and raised line notepaper, there’s a long list that goes beyond that provided by the school.

5-Car Seats
Depending on the ability of your child, your car may need an adaptive seat. There are a number of regulations to follow, and it is best you don’t adapt car seats yourself.

6-Adapted Vehicles
Adapted vehicles with built in features can make travel much safer and more accessible. There are also specialist driving lessons available to learners using adapted cars.  

7-Communication Devices
Some devices allow children who have difficulty speaking to communicate through signs, letters, pictures or even voice controls.

8-Bath Chairs
Bathing can be stressful for an individual with Cerebral Palsy. Bath chairs are helpful in providing a safe and calm bathing experience.

9-Stair Lifts
Children with CP are often unable to climb the stairs. With the use of a lift, they can travel up and down the stairs with independence, safety and ease.

10-Writing Tools
Due to common involuntary hand movements that come with many types of Cerebral Palsy, holding a pen or pencil can be difficult and frustrating. Adaptive writing instruments provide extra leverage and promote proper alignment to reduce strain.

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