Guest Post: The astonishing things guide dogs are capable of

This article by Bolt Burdon Kemp is about guide dogs and their extraordinary skills. 
Guide dogs aren’t limited to only helping with mobility issues. They are also capable of doing much more than this.  Sufferers of traumatic brain injury (TBI for short) often have trouble dealing with everyday life after a distressing accident and may need some help to fully function again.  If you know someone with traumatic brain injury, you will have experienced that these people often have problems with their memory, and may not even remember who you are despite of the fact that you might be a friend or family member. 
Guide dogs can assist with tasks in everyday life. They can open doors, help you to unload the washing machine and much more. Seizure alert dogs have to be said to be able to sense an oncoming seizure. Although this is not scientifically proven, there have been many reports on how seizure alert dogs alert their owners about 10 minutes before a seizure happens so that they can find a comfortable spot during a seizure.  There are also reports on how dogs can improve the lives of diabetics, letting them know that low blood sugar is imminent. 
A guide dog can also be a much needed friend after emotional trauma. Many sufferers from traumatic brain injury and other conditions may feel a bit lonely as well as isolated. A dog can alleviate the feeling of loneliness and offer comfort when a person is in stress. Spending time with a dog can often have a soothing effect and make people feel more relaxed. Guide dogs are often Golden Retrievers as a breed which are dogs that have a gentle personality that has a calming and relaxing influence on a person. 
A guide dog needs up to 10 years of training so a lot of time and effort is put into showing the dog tasks and also finding a suitable owner that is in need of a friend and assistance dog in their lives.  Charities train the dogs and help all the way through the process of matching them with their owner. 
Guide dogs are not just for people with impaired vision and hearing. In fact, even military veterans that have suffered distress in battle often get matched with dogs to help them overcome their traumas and successfully get used to everyday life again. 

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  1. They are special dogs! I grew up with labradors - they are so good with children and people in general!

  2. My friends currently training a guide dog and she's found it the most rewarding thing! I'd love to do it :)

  3. Guide Dogs, and dogs in general are fantastic, and it is very true, they are very in tune with emotions and can really help with mental difficulties too

  4. Guide dogs are such clever animals, I'm always astounded when I hear what they are capable of :)

  5. dogs are amazing not just for guide dogs but for what they are, and what they are capable of

  6. i support guide dogs 100% they do great work and give independence back to those who need it

  7. They are amazing x

    Natalie Gillham

  8. I think these dogs are absolutely amazing! The way they can give life back to those dependant on them is something that could never be given a price! It is invaluable the help, support and comfort they can bring to their owners.

  9. i think guide dogs are simply amazing animals