Do you Know the Net?

The Social Age

The Internet; it's probably the best invention to have ever happened. Think about it, how often are you using the Internet every day? And if we think that we use it a lot, just think about how much our children will use and rely on it, and then their children and their children. It's an amazing place where you can learn so much, where you can speak with friends or family that you haven't spoken to for years or that are half way around the world. You can write a blog, you can make youTube videos, you can run a business and make a living from it. The possibilities and opportunities are endless. It's fair to say, the Internet really is a great place.

But, as many of us know, there's usually always two sides to everything in life and the Internet unfortunately is not an exception.. Think identify theft, phishing, credit card fraud, cyberbullying and more. 


But there is help out there.. If you're not already aware of it, Knowthenet.org.uk is an impartial website that helps individuals, families and businesses get the most out of the internet. It is funded by Nominet - the not-for-profit organisation responsible for the smooth and secure running of the .uk internet infrastructure – as part of its commitment to making the internet a more trusted space for everyone who uses it. It gives help and advice on topics such as: staying safe online, staying legal online and getting started online.

I'm really in support of websites like these. It's great for children and for people just learning about using the Internet including the older generation. It provides quizzes and endless information on topics that can sometimes confuse new and even existing web users. I love their jargon buster and their useful contacts page is awesome for when you're not sure who to contact with certain issues on the web. 

I'm really really impressed by this site and I really think it's so worth spreading the word on. The amount of times I've heard of people getting scammed and then confused on the Internet is seriously a joke. Hopefully Knowthenet might be able to put a stop to at least a few of these people having to experience the bad side to the Internet and allow them to experience what we all log on to do - have fun!

Knowthenet is active on both Twitter and Facebook and will be tweeting about the Social Age campaign over the next couple of months: Twitter: @Knowthenet Facebook: www.facebook.com/knowthenet

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