Can't wait to Decorate!

So just a little moving update.....  
...We're still waiting. Big surprise, eh?! It just feels like solicitors take so long. I can't wait until this whole process is done with. It's no just the waiting, it's that some other things that have been put on hold and it kind of feels like we're in limbo. And the thing is, until we have those keys in our hands, there's actually no guarantee that we'll actually get the house and the area we want. It's such a big thing and I really want it to happen. I spend most of the day trying to put it to the back of my head so that I get through my day with sanity. 

I'm so desperate to update some of our furniture too, but there seems to be no point until we move and get to know the space we'll have. We have a lot of dark furniture at the moment, but Adam and I have agreed that we want to lighten everything up and get a lot more white pieces. It's a little annoying because it means a bit of a bashing to our bank account since so many things will need to be replaced but it's also super fun shopping for new things for the home.

I've started to get into Pinterest quite a bit lately. I've had an account for a while but I just never used it, I didn't really understand it straight away and when I don't understand something right away I get a little frustrated and don't bother with it. But I'm glad I've actually gone back to it and learnt a few things. I've got a few boards on there so please so hop on over and let me know what you think. I've also just put together a 'Bits and Bobs I want to buy for the Home' board and I've found Pinterest really useful for grouping things I like all together and finding new inspiration. I've only get a few bits on it so far because I literally just started it this morning. I've got a chest of drawers, a bed frame and a few other little bits.

I so hope that we move soon so I can start getting some of the things I have my eye on for real and not just add them to my Pinterest. It's silly because as soon as we do get to move (if we ever do) I'll have so much else to do in the house.. we want to sort out the garden (potentially flatten it a little), do up the garage and make it so it's more of a storage space, look at the bathroom wall panels and re carpet a few rooms including the stairs and that's just the stuff I know by having a quick look around!

Have you moved recently? How long did it take you to complete? 


  1. Oooh I love your ideas, those diamond-y lamp stands are something ive been looking for for ages!

    Sparkles & Stretchmarks

  2. We have Ikea furniture and one bit of advice, if they offer to build it for you, do it, saves hours and patience and wondering what the instructions mean!

  3. It's been a very long time since I moved, but it took aaaaages for everything to come together, so really don't worry!

    Kate x
    Just Pirouette and Carry On...