10 Things a UK Holiday wouldn’t be Complete Without

The UK is full of some amazing places from world renowned attractions to secrets that only the locals know about. 
If you’re looking for a slightly cheaper holiday this year, or are keen to explore the land slightly closer to home more, we’ve compiled a list of 10 things that a UK holiday just wouldn’t be the same without. (And don’t worry; an ‘umbrella’ is not one of them!).
1. Seaside food
Us Brits are known for our love of fish and chips, ice cream and sticks of rock...and rightly so! No UK holiday would be the same without eating fish and chips out of newspaper on a bench and having a laugh, despite how cold it is! 
2. Souvenirs 
You don’t have to walk very far to come across something the kids will no doubt want to take home with them, from postcards to key rings or to things like shells from the beach. Armed with a camera, their no doubt best souvenirs will be their snaps and memories of their UK break
3. Visiting landmarks
The UK is home to an array of incredible landmarks, from natural phenomenons like the Cheddar Gorge in Somerset to man-made iconic attractions such as the Tower of London. 
4. A good walk
We’re blessed with beautiful countryside in all four countries in the UK, which all make for great walks. It’s so popular that you can even get walking maps and apps for every corner. Or, if you prefer, a walk along the promenade works just as well! 
5. A trip to the local
Brits love a good pint, so why not do a tour of the best UK pubs? It’s a great way to get chatting to the locals too for more tips. If you’d prefer a nice cuppa over a beer, you won’t have to look hard to find a nice cafe serving afternoon tea, too. 
6. Exploring the local heritage 
It’s incredible how different each country in the UK is, and even how much they differ from city to city. There’s plenty to do regardless of where you go. Be armed with a guidebook or ask at your hotel for some ideas and inspiration for great activities to keep you all busy. 
7. Some fun and excitement
If you like your holidays to have a bit more ‘wow’ factor, the UK certainly won’t disappoint on that front. With 29 theme parks in the UK, 50 zoos and an array of activities like ghost walks, wax works museums, adventure lands and science museums, there’s clearly something to amazing the whole family.
8. Engaging in seasonal festivities
With so many things going on in the UK at different times of years, there’s no doubt an even that you’re scheduling your holiday around. Things such as the Edinburgh Festival, Sound City Festival in Liverpool and Cowes Week attract thousands and thousands of visitors from across the globe each year. 
9. Experiencing off the beaten track entertainment
Why not explore other aspects of your chosen location by doing some research on off the beaten track activities and sites? Getting to know the locals is also a great way of learning about hidden gems that the guide book might not tell you about. 
10. Visiting historical sites of interest
The UK is home to world famous people and sites, and you can visit many historical sites of interest on your travels. For example, for the Harry Potter fans out there, there is a list of Harry Potter sites in the UK to visit which will be a truly magical experience. 


  1. Thanks for sharing - with four kids and no partner, I tend to holiday in this country and don't mind!

  2. I love beach huts! I would love one brightly painted for the garden

  3. Love how beautiful beach huts look :) x

  4. I need to find those beach huts! They are gorgeous!

  5. I love the UK and I love the Country. There is nothing nicer. Lovely and green!!

  6. With 5 dogs (and two little ones) we always stay in the UK, there really is so much to do!

  7. I grew up always having holidays in the UK, and I see so many people who have been to Benidorm, but never out of the County for any significant time, it's so important to learn and discover your own country.

  8. I adore holidays in the uk, my childhood memories are full of holidays there. We have such beauty here in the uk.