Quality Time

I honestly don't think that there's anything nicer than spending time together as a family. It's literally my favourite thing to do. And today we got to do exactly that. We decided to have a day of shopping and go out somewhere nice for lunch. Which ended up going to Zizzis in High Wycombe and browsing all of the many shops there. The sales weren't that great, I have a feeling that we may have somehow missed them even though it is only the start of January. It seems to me that the sales are now based around Boxing Day, which I believe should be spent with family at home. But hey! Such is life. At least I spent less money! ;) 

Our day was fantastic, apart from the pain in my feet from all of the wandering around, haha ;) I actually may need to invest in some heel supports for sore feet or womens insoles for flat feet as my feet always seem to be hurting lately. We're now sat in our chilling clothes on the sofa together about to watch the second episode of Luther. (We're so behind with it!)

My Husbands also off tomorrow and we're thinking that we might take Ethan swimming, as he literally loves it so much, and Mondays are always a quiet day at the pool. :)

I hope you guys have all had a lovely weekend! I'd love to know what you've been up to! x



  1. Sounds like a great day, I love Zizzi! And I SO agree about boxing day!


  2. I agree about Boxing Day. My mum and sister both got up at 6:30am to go shopping and I thought they were crazy!
    Bea x

  3. I think the sales have been rubbish this year - but I agree, it's nice to go home with money in your pocket still. :)

  4. Oh I love zizi's! So yummy. Glad you had a lovely day out, family time is my favourite thing too :) x