Mummy never stops!

It's funny.. everyday I aim to get pretty much most of the general house jobs done. Sometimes it takes me all day and all evening but I usually get them done. The hope is that I will be able to perhaps have one hour to myself in the evening to sit down and relax with my Husband and usually we get that. Not that an hour ever really feels like enough. 

I also try to get as much as I can done so that it takes the edge off of what will be waiting for me when I wake up the next day. Somehow though, it never does. There's always as much to do. The list never goes down. 

I suppose having four very messy cats doesn't help my dilemma. Their muddy paw prints that I chase around after with a wipe in hand every 5 minutes.. their moulting hair that gets everywhere, (literally everywhere).. their cat food that they dot around the house (maybe for later?) and the leaves and thorns (yes, thorns!) that my fluffy cat Sooty brings in and leaves all over the floor. The number of times that we've come down in the morning barefooted and stood straight onto a thorn or two is an actual joke. 

Then factor in the nine month old.. and his mess. And the mess that awaits me every single second of my life when he begins toddling. Oh and there's the Husband of course. So yes, Mummy never stops!..


  1. Ohh well I'm in the North East and spend about 2 hours at the most a month shopping....I do it all online...hehehe and certainly don't take naps....lol
    9 hours a month playing with the kids? I think that is wrong....Maybe that's why my house is sometimes a mess I spend too much time playing with my girls...

  2. I'd love to spend 8 hours laying on the sofa reading x
    Beautyqueenuk xx