How to settle down in your care home

Moving away from your home in any circumstances will be heart wrenching but moving into a care home can feel even more painful. It’s a new experience that neither yourself or your family wants to consider, but under circumstances might need to.  Moving into a care home you may worry you are losing your independence or your dignity, this does not have to be the case. If you prepare yourself and settle in, you will find a home that will give you the correct amount of attention you need and perhaps you’ll gain more independence than you had before. 

 Make sure it feels like home
Research care homes that will provide you with the level of care you need. It could just be as little as you need someone there in case of emergencies, leaving you to lead an active and without anyone intruding on your life. If you are able to, steer clear of the traditional facility style of care home and instead go for a modern looking place that will feel like home. Care homes like the ones on http://ww.extracare.org.uk/ are all pretty modern and allow for different levels of care. 

Make it resemble your home
Before you move in decorate your room and personalise it to make you feel as comfortable as possible. If you are allowed, bring some furniture from your house, it will make the change less drastic, and paint the walls similar covers. To feel fondly of the new place hang pictures of your loved ones, your friends and your family, your children and grandchildren. You can share how proud you are of them with anyone who visits

Communicate with the staff before moving
Get to know the carers, maintenance guys, cooks, receptionists and get friendly with them. This way you’ll feel more comfortable about being in the new environment. You’ll know the people who are going to look after you and once you find out they are a friendly bunch and that they can answer your questions and cater to your concerns.

Visit with your family
Get a decent idea of the home and a second opinion with your family by your side. They might spot things you’ve missed and their encouragement will make you feel comfortable enough with being there. Bring your grandchildren too. Knowing that they feel comfortable visiting you in the home will put you at ease and make you happy knowing they might pop by.

Keep in touch with your friends

Although in a care home environment where life is very social you may not need to call or see your friend. But it is a good idea to keep in touch with them, give them a phone call and see how they are, or ask them around to your new home and enjoy a meal or some hot drinks with them

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