Family Generations Photography Ideas

family generation photo ideas,

My Husband, Adam has a very close knit family and our Son is lucky enough to have two Great-Grandparents from his side of the family. 
I always think that if you’re lucky enough to have a few generations in your family, then there's nothing better than showing them off in beautiful photos for the children to look back on when they're older. 
I'm a lover of photography and have been trying to learn the ropes with creating beautiful photographs ever since I got my Canon DSLR.  Recently I've been having a bit of a think and have come up with some (what I think are) lovely ideas for ways to capture family generations through photographs..
Each generation holding a photo of the next one down
This is a beautiful idea that seems to be all over Pinterest at the moment and it’s no surprise as it’s so creative and different. Have the oldest generation hold a picture of their child, then their child hold a picture of their child and so on. The pictures will get smaller as the person does, which is really sweet. You could also do one the other way round, too, starting with the smallest and ending in the oldest. 
Standing in a line of ages
Lining up from oldest to youngest can make for some really lovely pictures, and it doesn’t have to be as formal as it sounds. Professional companies will have expert photographers that will help you think of interesting and fun ideas to make the pictures more formal and creative. If you want something really arty and unusual, you could even go for silhouettes of your bodies or even just your faces for a photo that really works as artwork on your wall. 
Capture other elements, like your different hands or feet
You don’t even have to focus on your faces to get great, emotive photos of the different generations in your family. You could focus on something else that highlights age differences.. Like taking pictures of your hands holding each other, which would be really adorable for extra teeny hands in the family! The same goes for feet! :)
Use personal, family props
Special family heirlooms in the family could be used in photos to highlight their importance and significance Things like jewellery, clothing or keepsakes that are passed down in the family could all take centre stage.

General Tips

+ Consult with each other what you are all wearing before the day so that you can plan your outfits accordingly to make sure there are no clashes!
+ Discuss with everyone want you all want to achieve from the photos so you all leave the shoot happy.
+ Think about taking funny ‘outtake’ type photos too, this would be great for the album! 
+Visit the studio before the day so that you know what you are working with.

Have you got any great ideas for generation photographs? Will you be trying any of mine?


  1. Aww what a fab post - I love your photo ideas :D

    Oscar has 3 great grandma's but no great grandad's. And Stacey just has one biological great grandma. I don't know about her family on Ste's side as she's never met them.

    Louise x

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  2. Awww lovely ideas! Especially the outtakes idea, I find it rather hard to be serious in photos and put on a smile...lol. Lots of silly faces instead :) x