The Best Christmas Gifts for Caffeine Addicts

When looking for the perfect gift for our loved ones, the first thing we often think about is what things they like. We usually opt for things related to their hobbies, like football memorabilia, CDs and home accessories.
However, what about considering their one true love? If your recipient loves nothing better than settling down with a good cup of tea, or can’t function without their early morning coffee, why not get them a gift to appeal to their caffeine addict side?
We’ve come up with some of the best ideas to get your loved ones buzzing.
The personalised mug
Every tea or coffee lover needs their very own special mug – it’s the rules! Why not go one step further than the usual ones on the high street and create a personalised photo mug for them? You could choose your favourite photo of the two of you, or even a silly one to make them giggle each time they have a cuppa’. Select one or a montage of snaps. 

The special tea
(Or coffee) is sure to be a winner. There are loads of different types available, whether your loved one likes fruity flavours, rich ones or just something completely unusual. You could put together a mini hamper of a variety of ones for them to enjoy.
The novelty coaster
A coaster is a great accompaniment to any tea or coffee related gift, and a really silly or funny one is sure to put a smile on their face every time they lift their favourite mug. You could look into getting them a personalised one or one with a humorous quote on it. 
The tea pot
Tea pots are no longer just for Grandmas – even the most style savvy have jumped on this tea accessory band wagon. Opt for a vintage teapot from Cath Kidston for a beautiful and timeless vintage gift. This one in particular is part of a range, so you could even get the matching components for later gifts, eventually providing them with a whole set. 
The latest coffee making gadget
If you’re anything like me, knowing where to start with this gift idea is enough to convince you that you’re a tea person for life. Visiting sites/stores like John Lewis will no doubt be able to help, as they tend to always be on top of the latest must-have accessories for the kitchen. 
The tea towel
At first this may sound like the world’s most boring present, but you can actually get really sweet or really funny ones online now. One with a funny saying on would make a lovely extra to a great mug or tea pot. For the recipient who takes a huge pride in their home, ensure you match it to the interior of their kitchen for extra brownie points on Christmas morning. 
The experience gift
An afternoon tea for two experience gift is the perfect choice for tea lovers, and will guarantee you both a lovely day out. At this time of year, you can find great deals too, so make sure you hunt around to find the best one. 

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