Outdoor Christmas Decoration Inspiration

Wow, that was a bit of a mouthful!

Now that we've hit December everyone and the world are putting up their decs. My favourite type of Christmas decorations are the outdoor type, the ones you can see when driving past in the car.  Especially Christmas Tree's in gardens, I love this idea. Sadly, at our current address we have no front garden and my back garden is a bit of a mess actually, I need to start preparing the garden for the colder months, starting with cutting back the grass. I don't want to be out there mid-winter, tyvm.

For Christmas, I'm thinking twinkling outdoor lights on the shed at the end of the garden, perhaps a little family of snowmen ornaments by the back door, maybe even a little outdoor Christmas tree.

For the front, a wreath would be the obvious choice, especially with no front garden to decorate. I might even purchase a few christmasy potted plants to make it a little more festive. Then we've got the inside christmas window lights that we can put up to extend our decs to the outside of our house and I might even consider a little 'Santa stop here' sign, to add some magic for Ethan.I'm too excited, I can't wait until we get our decs up!

Do you decorate the outside of your house?


  1. I am gutted this year because we were supposed to be moving to our new house the week before Christmas and now we can't go until afterwards :(

    Where we're living at the mo we have (what seems like) 100s of boxes all packed up and ready to go so I don't even have room for a tree! I don't think it's fair because it's obviously Oscar's first Christmas so I wanted it to be really special. Oh well, can't win em all.

    I've never had decorations outside before, but next year I'm hoping to have some lights in the garden :D

    Louise x

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  2. We had a mini Christmas tree out the front last year in a pot, it looked lovely.
    I've seen some amazing wreaths around! xx

    Mummy Beautiful

  3. I don't have anything outside as I know it would get stolen, I don't even put a wreath on the door x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  4. We don't decorate the outside but I do put lights in the window! x